Johnson says “nothing is decisive”, suggesting that resumption needs to be delayed.

“There is nothing definitive,” said Boris Johnson, suggesting that England needs to delay its reopening.

The prime minister said the government “will inform people within a few days.”

According to Johnson’s roadmap to end the 3rd National CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus blockade in the UK, hopefully all legal restrictions will be removed from June 21st.

However, the outlook for freedom is overshadowed by concerns about the Indian variant of the CCP virus. Some experts say it can be 50% more infectious than the UK variant.

The Prime Minister has previously warned that the increase in the case of Indian varieties could run the risk of delaying the roadmap.

If the outbreak is restricted, the minister can choose to keep some areas under the restriction, but instead proceed with the resumption, reflecting the controversial hierarchical system introduced in 2020.

Johnson was asked on Tuesday if the date would be affected and told reporters that the government put everything under “very, very careful and in-depth reviews.”

“We are looking at all the data from locations such as Bolton, Blackburn, Bedford and Sefton,” said Johnson, referring to areas where Indian variants are reported to be predominant.

“”[We’re] Looking at the curves in which they move, we try to understand if the Indian variant is more contagious, and if so, how contagious it is. I’m against everything. “

“And I’m worried that it only took us a few days to see the data,” he added.

“But at this point, we don’t see any definitive data that we need to deviate from the current roadmap, but we need to be careful and we plan to notify people within a few days.” Time. “

Health Minister Matt Hancock said the final decision on whether to remove all legal restrictions on time will be made on June 14.

After Hancock showed early experimental data on Sunday that the CCP virus vaccine works against Indian varieties, the government stepped up its promotion of vaccination programs.

Johnson said the prevalence of CCP vaccines in the UK is “incredibly high.” He thanked those who were taking jabs and urged them to take them when they were offered.

PA contributed to this report.

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