Johnson suggests, “I’m no longer buying this overwhelming NHS,” the leaked message suggests.

Boris Johnson said he no longer believed in “everything that overwhelms the NHS” because he resisted imposing a second blockade of the coronavirus in England.

Dominic Cummings shared WhatsApps with the BBC, arguing that the Prime Minister was reluctant to tighten restrictions because “the dying people are essentially over 80”.

In his first broadcast interview, Johnson’s hostile former chief adviser accused his former boss of “prioritizing his own political interests over people’s lives.”

Cummings has repeatedly accused the prime minister of imposing a second blockade, which came into effect on November 5, too late.

A political adviser who left Downing Street during the bitter line in November shared a series of messages from October 15th, which looked like Johnson to his aide.

“I must say that I’m a little upset by some data on covid’s deaths. The median age is 82-81 for men and 85 for women. It has life expectancy. That’s why I get a COVID and live longer. People under the age of 60 rarely get hospitalized (4%) and almost all of them survive. And I no longer have the overwhelming thing about this NHS. I don’t buy everything. People think we may need to readjust, “they read.

“There are up to three [million] Over 80 years old in this country.

“It shows that we are not heading for a national blockade.”

In an interview, Cummings said Johnson’s attitude at the time was “a strange combination. Some were all nonsense, the blockade didn’t work anyway, some were terrible, but the dying people were basically 80 years old. That’s it. Just because people die over the age of 80 doesn’t kill the economy. “

He also claimed that Johnson was too watched for the blockade-opposing elements of the Tories and the media and convinced him that the first blockade was a mistake.

Mr Cummings claimed that the Prime Minister had called the Telegraph, which he had previously hired as a journalist, “my true boss.”

The number 10 spokeswoman replied: “Since the pandemic began, the Prime Minister has been guided by the best scientific advice and has taken the necessary actions to save lives and livelihoods.

“The government he leads has achieved the fastest vaccination deployment in Europe, saved millions of jobs through layoffs and prevented the NHS from being overwhelmed by three national blockades.

“The government is fully focused on recovering carefully from the pandemic and recovering better.”

But Labor’s shadow health minister, Justin Madders, said: “This exposure is further evidence that the Prime Minister has repeatedly made false calls at the expense of public health.

“The turmoil, delays and incompetence at the heart of government are sacrificing lives and harming the economy. Boris Johnson is reckless, unfit for governance and cannot delay a public inquiry. “

Dominic Cummings: The interview will air on Tuesday at 7pm on BBC Two.

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