Jordan claims that a former Israeli spy provided help to a prince under house arrest

An Israeli businessman associated with the U.S. government contacts former Jordanian Crown Prince Saddam Hussein when he is under house arrest on Saturday and sends a private jet to take his wife and children to Europe. I suggested that.

conspiracy: The Jordanian government claims that the Israelis have something to do with Mossad’s espionage agency, but businessmen emphasize that he is the prince’s only friend.

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Important reason: The Jordanian government is pushing the story of Prince Hamza and his associates colluding with King Abdullah with people outside Jordan.

State of play: Jordanian Foreign Minister Aiman ​​Saffadi offered at a press conference on Sunday that a person associated with a foreign security agency approached Prince Hamza’s wife and arranged a private jet to escort her and her family abroad. Said that.

  • Hours later, Jordanian news agency Amon, near the Jordanian security agency, published an article claiming that a former Mossad officer and the Israeli name Roy Chaposhnick were behind the offer.

  • Shaposhnik contacted me and issued a statement denying the Jordanian government’s allegations that he was involved in the alleged coup. He told me he was not a Mossad officer, but confirmed that he had offered help to Prince Hamza and his family as part of their friendship.

What he says: “I am an Israeli living in Europe. I have never played any role in Israeli intelligence,” Chaposhnick told me. “I have no knowledge of what happened or what happened in Jordan. I am a close and personal friend of Prince Hamza.”

Line spacing: 41-year-old Chaposhnick was a political party of the Kadima party in Israel 15 years ago. He was an advisor to then Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

  • He then went to the private sector and worked for the security company of American businessman Erik Prince. A few years later, he founded his own company, RS Logistical Solutions, servicing the US State Department and other governments around the world.

  • The Shaposnik company also provided logistical support services to the Prince company while training Iraqi soldiers in Jordan. This is when he met Prince Hamza through mutual friends. The pair and their family have become close friends.

Saturday morning Prince Hamza sent a text message to Shaposhnik telling him that he was under house arrest.

  • According to sources familiar with the matter, Shaposhnick immediately sent a text message to Prince Hamza’s wife, suggesting sending a jet to pick her up and her children until the situation was resolved. did.

  • Since then, Chaposhnick has been under house arrest and has not been in contact with Prince Hamza and his family, who are incapable of communicating with the outside world.

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