Jordan Kleper reveals the mysterious demands he gets from Trump fans

Monday’s “Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Kleper shared the mysterious reaction he was getting when he met some supporters of Donald Trump.

Instead of chasing or yelling at him in his video revealing the hypocrisy of the former president and his followers, Mr. Kleper said that right-wingers often ask him to take a selfie.

“I was shocked” by the number of selfie requests received at the Conservative Political Activities Council earlier this year, Mr. Klepper said in an episode “Midnight with Seth Meyers” on Monday.

“What I immediately noticed was that I was part of the story there,” he explained.

Klepper recalled one teenager who claimed to be Trump’s biggest fan, saying he watched all the videos of Trevor Noah’s Comedy Central program.

The teenager told Kleper, “I saw all Trump’s.” Good, bad, “because it’s all part of this world.”

“I may support some views he disagrees with, but I’m the heel of this WWE world,” Klepper suggested. “He needs me, so he may be a little offensive to me, but beyond that he’s more excited to bring this closer to the world.”

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