Jordan Peterson refuses to delete tweets after Twitter pauses

Famous Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson said he wouldn’t follow Twitter’s “ridiculous rules” after being temporarily suspended from social media platforms and having to delete tweets to restore his account. I am.

“I wrote a frustrating tweet in response to one of the latest events at the forefront of an increasingly hot cultural war,” Peterson said. video Released on July 1, he criticized the “awakened moralist” and challenged the logic of the disciplinary action he received.

In a tweet shared by her daughter as a screenshot, Peterson replied to a New York Post article about the transgender character of actor Elliot Page in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

Peterson writes, “Do you remember that pride was a sin?” He called the actor Elliot Page (the name the actor was known to before the transsexual) and said that the “criminal doctor” had removed the page’s chest.


On June 28, Twitter suspended his account, stating that an emeritus professor at the University of Toronto violated the rules for “hate.”

In a outage notice shared by Peterson in a video, Twitter states that users “cannot promote, intimidate, or harass others with violence” based on gender identity. , Peterson was given the option to delete the tweet.

By deleting the tweet, Twitter said it means that the user “acknowledges that your tweet violates Twitter’s rules.” Suspended accounts will be restored within 12 hours of the tweet being deleted.

“I want to die more than that,” Peterson said, adding that offensive tweets don’t fall into the categories that encouraged violence or threatened others.

Peterson said Twitter wasn’t really identifying what was wrong and was forced to speculate on the possibility, even if his tweet was considered to be harassing others. rice field.

This is a “major problem” and “it becomes important when the accusations begin to fly,” he said.

“So what did I say that could be harassing?” He asked.

Peterson explored possible reasons for the outage in his video, analyzed the tweet in detail, and defended his sentence, “Do you remember your pride was a sin?” As a “mere statement of facts”.

“Under the old rules that were still in effect 10 years ago, pride was a sin and was probably recognized as a major sin thousands of years ago,” he said.

In recent years, the word “pride” has been associated with the LGBTQ community and others who have spoken about sexual orientation. Governments around the world approve this usage through celebrations such as “Pride Month.”

“I don’t think sexual orientation or desire is something to celebrate or take pride in,” Peterson said. “So what I said was just a fact.”


Peterson said a possible cause of his suspension was that he referred to Elliot Page by the actor’s birth name, Ellen.

However, by “correctly” referring to the actor as one of “he,” “they,” or “Elliott,” instead of “Ellen,” Peterson makes it impossible to articulate the actor’s mastectomy. I said that it became.

“He was definitely Ellen. At some point in the past,” Peterson said. “When was it exactly when it was imposed on me to switch my term about Elliott-Slash-Ellen? So wasn’t I engaged in a” hateful act “? “

“So, in an era of degenerate, postmodern, and Marxist spirit that we still have to do, without apparently violating the impossible and ridiculous rules that virtually govern morality itself, my It was impossible to tell the audience what had happened. How impossible it is — follow or not. “

The Epoch Times contacted Twitter for comment on Peterson’s suspension, but did not immediately respond.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.