Jordana Brewster initially thought he had done something wrong when he learned that the first scene he shot in “Fast 9” would be cut out of the film.


Jordana Brewster F9

Jordana Brewster talks to insiders about the first scene she shot for “F9.” insider

  • The scene restored in the director’s cut of “F9” shows that Mia was watching Little Brian at the beginning of the movie.

  • This was the first scene Jordana Brewster shot for a franchise since “Furious 7” in 2015.

  • Brewster told the insider that he understood why it was cut, but was killed.

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First scene Jordana Brewster The shot to return to the “Fast and Furious” series in 6 years is the movie version of “Fast 9, ” It hit the theater in June.

Fans will be able to see it thanks to the extended director’s cut of “F9”, which is now digitally released.

“As an actor, it’s really hard to hear from the director that the scene isn’t cut,” Brewster told insiders during the press day of the movie’s home release. “You go a little,’Wait. Why? What did I make a mistake? I don’t understand. What was wrong with it?’

There was nothing wrong with it. The scene actually answers a crucial question that may have forced Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) to temporarily rethink his parenting skills.

In the theatrical film, after pushing his son Little Brian into bed early in the film, the next morning Dom goes on an adventure with Letty (Michel Rodriguez), Ramsey (Natalie Emmanuel), and Roman (Tyrese). I can see. ), And Tej (Ludacris). Little B can’t be seen anywhere.

At that moment, fans wondered what happened to Little B. Did Dom and Letty leave the child alone? It certainly looked like it.

Letty and Mia can be seen in two still images with Fast & Furious 9

Jordana Brewster as Mia in “F9”. Universal Pictures

The restored scene in “F9: Director’s Cut” is not. In the deleted scene, Dom summons his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster), who arrives early the next morning to take care of her nephew.

She also mentions her husband Brian (Paul Walker) a bit.

During Press Day, director Justin Lin told insiders that he had a hard time cutting the scene out of the film.

“I probably got Jordan hooked,” Lin said, going back and forth over and over about whether to cut the scene for about a minute.

Justin Lin F9

Justin Lin talks about the difficult decision to cut Mia’s early scenes from the theatrical version of “F9.” insider

“We did this scene, and I’m like,’Man. We have to start, but let’s shoot it,'” Lin said about the pace of the film. “When we cut it together, I called Jordana and said,” You’re great in this scene, I’ll put it back. ” And she seems to be “Yeah”. “

“Then I was playing with it, and in the end I knew the extended cut would live, and I felt like I had to take it out for pacing purposes. It was comforting, “Rin said of the decision to cut Mia’s opening, the” F9 “scene. “That was something I had a hard time.”

In the theatrical cut, Mia makes her entrance in the 37th minute of the movie after Letty informs her that her long-lost brother Jacob (John Cena) has returned to the photo.

Brewster said there were no difficult feelings in the scene being cut, especially when he learned that it was a narrative decision.

Jordana Brewster f9

Brewster said fans are happy to see the scene now. insider

“Ultimately, when I watched the movie, I felt like it made perfect sense to introduce me later,” Brewster said.

“I was disappointed when Dom and Letty hid and I visited them and wrote to them what Brian was doing. It was sad to let go of it,” she continued. I’m really happy that the audience can see it now. “

Brewster has two of the biggest scenes restored in F9: Director’s Cut. In addition to her babysitter scene, the second scene in the second half of the movie details her adventures to Tokyo with Mia’s sister-in-law, Letty.

Letty and Mia share a moment in Fast 9

Letty and Mia travel to Tokyo to find clues about Han. Universal Pictures

Earlier this year, Brewster told insiders that Letty and Mia were finally putting together the actual scene in the film after Rodriguez. They pointed out that they had never shared anything in the franchise..

Both scenes are part of a new 7-minute footage of the film’s director’s cut.

Lynn recognizes that when fans revisit “Fast Saga” before “Fast 10” in 2023, this is likely to be the version of the movie people see.

“When people want to see’fast’from start to finish, it will answer more questions, so extended cuts will be considered at Canon,” Lin said.

“F9: Director’s Cut” is currently available digitally and can be owned on Blu-ray Tuesday.

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