Joseph Gordon says he wasn’t a murderer, but he didn’t intend to send his son to jail


  • Joseph Gordon admits that he hid the murder to protect his son, but claims he did not commit it.
  • “I wasn’t forced to testify to my son,” Gordon said.
  • The New York Parole Commission will not release him unless he feels guilty.

Joseph Gordon, a 78-year-old black man, spent 28 years in a New York prison for the murder he said he didn’t commit, The New York Times reported.. He wants freedom for the sixth time.

Gordon was sentenced to life imprisonment for 1993-25 years after being convicted of the 1991 murder of 38-year-old neurologist Daniel Puck.

Puck was deadly shot in Gordon’s basement. Gordon’s lawyer claims that he removed the body, but was not the person who committed the murder, according to a 1993 article. Buffalo news..

“The person who committed the murder was young and very young at the time. I did what I did to protect him,” Gordon told the New York Parole Commission in 2017 in his first attempt to release him. rice field.

“I was made to believe that it was an unwanted sexual encounter,” he added. Any way to detract from his reputation. “

The sperm was found in Puck’s mouth, but authorities found it not to be Gordon or his son, who lived with him at the time.

Gordon’s lawyer claimed that his son had killed Puck through his first investigation — he went to the point where he put his son on a stand, where he claimed his father had committed the murder.

However, prosecutors alleged that Puck went to Gordon’s residence and settled the dispute over the $ 70,000 investment he made in baseball cards.

According to Buffalo News, Gordon is a baseball card dealer in Westchester County, and prosecutor James Looney claimed the card was useless.

Gordon did not say that his son, then 16 years old, had committed murder until his second parole trial, more than 25 years after his conviction.

Gordon said at a hearing in March 2020 that he wanted to protect his son and chose to hide his body and not call the police. I wanted to take care of my son. “

“I wasn’t forced to testify to my son,” Gordon said. “I didn’t mean to put my son in jail.”

“My father is a member of society,” his son Chad Gordon told the Times, denying his relationship with the murder.

Gordon’s neighbor, Elizabeth Deer, told police that she saw Gordon leave home on the day of the murder. She said she saw a “white man” drawn into the driveway 15 minutes later, and Chad greeted him. According to The Times, she also said she regrets not having testified in the first trial. “The situation could have been different for Joe,” she told police.

He has been denied five paroles since 2017 after being imprisoned for 25 years, but has a sixth parole trial in December.New York Parole Commission Did not confirm What is the exact hearing date for insiders?

“The board expects them to accept responsibility and express their remorse,” he said. Parole preparation project, To the Times. “People who remain innocent remain in an impossible situation.” The parole preparation project did not immediately respond to insider requests for additional comments.

After being convicted, the board usually does not “reassess the innocent claim.” According to the appeal documents..

The New York Parole Commission has issued the following statement to insiders:

“Before making the final decision, board members recognize the risks to public safety by successfully reintegrating victims and their families’ statements, personal criminal history, institutional outcomes, and communities. Did.”

“It’s not just a physical threat,” Robert Tendy, the current district attorney in Putnam County, told the Times. “It’s a threat that this person is given a soap box to preach his innocence and become part of a growing movement to undermine the judicial system. It’s happening a lot lately.”

Gordon works as a grief therapy counselor in prison. He told The Times that he would like to participate in community activities at the time of release. I rejected the idea of ​​using a soap box to be part of the exercise.