Josh Duggar’s sister Zinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo react to the conviction: “Pray for more justice”


Zinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo responded to Josh Duggar’s conviction in a statement shared on Instagram on Friday.

Josh He was convicted of two charges of receiving and possessing child pornography on Thursday and was soon detained. Convicted..

Former reality TV stars can be fined up to $ 250,000 for each count for up to 20 years.

“We are saddened by the horrific victims of child abuse.” The couple’s statement has begun.. “We are also saddened by Josh’s family, his wife, and their precious children.”

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Zinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo responded to Josh Duggar’s conviction in a child pornography trial in a statement shared on Instagram. Discovery Channel Michael Kovac / Getty Images

JOSH DUGGAR GUILTY VERDICT: JIM BOB, MICHELE DUGGAR, and family respond to conviction in child pornography trial

“We are saddened by the disgrace that brought the name of Christ. Josh claims to be a Christian,” the statement continued. “When Jesus’ professed believers are exposed as hypocrites, many reactions will challenge Jesus’ own integrity. They personally blame the so-called believers for their public condemnation. The apostle Paul asks the religious hypocrites, “Thanks to you, God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles” (Romans). That is why I said 2:24).

The couple continued to thank God for “exposing” Josh’s actions.

“We are grateful to God for exposing Josh’s actions and, in this case, to the legal system that promised to protect the innocent and punish the guilty,” the statement said. “We are grateful for justice. We pray for further justice, proof, protection, and healing for all those who have been mistreated.”

Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle also spoke out and chose to post their statement on their website.

“The whole trial was very miserable.” They said.. “Today, through the love and prayer of many, God’s grace has supported us. Our hearts and prayers are with those who have been hurt by CSAM. [Child Sexual Abuse Material].. “

“From now on, I will do everything I can to surround my daughter-in-law. [Josh’s wife] Anna and her children have love and support, “As parents, we, like all children, pray for Joshua and never stop loving him. In each life In the situation, we put our trust in God. He is the source of our strength and evacuation. Thank you for your prayers. “

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Following Thursday’s verdict, Josh’s wife Anna Dagger I saw you leave the courtroom Emotionless. Anna wore a black pea coat over a matching black dress.

Dagger’s defense lawyer said the team would respect the jury’s verdict, but will appeal.

“We thank the jury for its lengthy deliberation, respect the jury’s verdict, and intend to appeal,” said defendant lawyers Justin Gelfund, Ian Murphy, and Travis Story.

The Dagger family is TLC’s “Count with 19 childrenThe show withdrew from the network in 2015 after Josh sexually abused four sisters and babysitters became publicly known.

Several members of the Dagger family attended the trial, including Josh’s father Jim Bob. He was reportedly seen interacting with other family members during the trial break.