Judge asks for “forgiveness” after the video shows repeated use of N-Word in her home

Louisiana judge Michelle Odinette said, “Forgiveness and understanding” after a video that captured a series of racist remarks that her family gathered to watch security footage of an attempted robbery at home. I asked.

Black people Allegedly arrested In connection with the robbery at the judge’s house in the Lafayette City Court in Bendel Gardens over the weekend.

The video disseminated after the incident appeared to be joking and using N-word to summarize the robbery while members of her family were watching the security footage.

Odinet, with four children, Confirmed by local news site The Current The footage is from her house. It’s unclear who shot it, who used the language correctly, and who sent it to some members of the local media.

The site also published a video containing disturbing and explicit words in jokes and laughter.

At one point, I heard a voice saying “Mom is screaming n **** r, n **** r” and a female voice saying “**** r. Like a cockroach ****” It’s r. “

Asked for comment by The Current, Odinet said he couldn’t sleep since the incident, was taking sedatives at the time of the video, and didn’t remember what was said.

“My children and I were victims [sic] Of the robbers armed in our house. Police were called in and the perpetrators were arrested. The incident rocked me at the heart of me and my mental state was fragile, “she said.

“I was a shipwreck, but I still can’t sleep. I was given a sedative at the time of the video. I don’t remember the video and the disturbing words used in the meantime at all.”

She added: “Anyone who knows me and my husband knows that this is against the way we live. I’m deeply sorry, but ask for your forgiveness and understanding as my family. I will deal with the emotional aftermath of this armed robber. “

Despite Odinette’s allegations, Lafayette police said no weapons were found in the man they arrested.

Judge Michel Odinette of the Lafayette City Court, a Republican, was elected in November 2020.  (Photo: Lafayette City Court)

Judge Michel Odinette of the Republican Party of the City Court of Lafayette was elected in November 2020. (Photo: Lafayette City Court)

The footage has caused criticism and is calling for her resignation from local officials and members of the community.

“Judge Odinette strongly believes that he should be held accountable,” said Marshall Reggie Thomas of the City of Lafayette in a long statement. Issued by KATC3..

“People of color are convinced that it is impossible to trust that they will be treated fairly and equitably when they have to make a decision in front of Judge Odinette. , No one, especially those who work as leaders in our city, are unacceptable and unacceptable, “he said.

Senator Gerald Budo said the comments should be condemned and he will pursue an investigation.

“I respectfully request and formally petition the Louisiana Judiciary Committee to investigate ethical and behavioral actions related to recent developments,” he said in a statement.

Republican Odinette Elected to her seat November 2020.

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