Judge asks if the January 6 riots will be treated unfairly

Washington (AP) — A federal judge rejects a prosecutor’s recommendation, declares a January 6 riot on probation on Friday, and puts him in parliament compared to those arrested during anti-racism. He suggested that the Justice Department was too strict with the invading people. Protest following the murder of George Floyd.

Judge Trevor McFadden of the U.S. District Court questioned why federal prosecutors did not file further proceedings against those accused in the summer of 2020 protests and riots in the capital that were not prosecuted. I read the statistics of the case.

In a decision by Daniel Doyle, who entered the Capitol with a swarm of other mobs on January 6, McFadden said, “If we respond equally to concerns about riots and mobs in this city, the United States I think the credibility of lawyers will increase. ” Prosecutors recommended Doyle from Oklahoma to be under house arrest for two months.

A statement by former President Donald Trump’s appointed McFadden has so far overseen other federal judges who have overseen riots, despite other Trump appointed courts assigned to hundreds of cases. It was a big deviation from. They generally discussed the seriousness of crime and its unique place in American history-unlike other violent free speech protests because it sought to thwart the peaceful transition of power. increase.

The Associated Press analyzed more than 300 criminal cases Protestant argued that Protrump was treated more severely than Black Lives Matter protesters, showing that many leftist rioters had been substantively sentenced to protests caused by Floyd’s murder. I argued against.

When McFadden sentenced Doyle, he said she thought she “acted like all those looters and rioters last year.” That’s because predators and rioters have decided that the law doesn’t apply to them. “

Despite these concerns, McFadden said Doyle’s actions were unacceptable. He called it “the embarrassment of the people” and compared it to protests of police atrocities after George Floyd’s death last year, saying it “reduced the safety of all of us.”

In contrast, Judge James Bosburg of the US District Court on Friday sentenced another mob, Andrew Ryan Bennett, to three months of house arrest and accepted the prosecutor’s request. Bennett was accused of supporting a conspiracy theory about elections and used “nasty rhetoric” when posting about plans to go to Washington. January 6 mob Attacked and beaten overwhelmed police, Sending lawmakers running for their lives and causing more than $ 1 million in damage to the building.

“As I said before, we can’t fully emphasize that the key to our democratic republic is the post-election change of power,” the judge told Bennett. “And what you and others did on January 6th was nothing more than an attempt to undermine that government system.”

Earlier this week, Bosburg, appointed by former President Barack Obama, sentenced Ohio friends Derek Yankart and Eric Lau to 45 days in prison.

All three men were found guilty of misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for up to six months. Like Jancart and Rau, Bennett was not personally accused of being involved in violence or vandalism.

Bennett said he was “excited by adrenaline” when he joined the mob that attacked the Capitol after driving from his home in Columbia, Maryland to Washington that morning.

“I was wrong with what I did, so I am responsible for what I did that day,” he said.

Doyle was not accused of mob violence. She climbed through a broken window and spent 24 minutes in the building. She told the judge that she wasn’t going to harm anyone and was disappointed that the peaceful rally changed when people began to invade the building.

“I love this country,” she said. “So many people came here to express what was important to us, but in a blink of an eye they were all hidden in the shadows,” she said. “I’m sorry for that, because it obscured the good.”

Meanwhile, retired US Special Forces soldiers and former Florida Parliamentary candidates were arrested for his role in the riots. Jeremy Brown was accused of misdemeanor for entering restricted premises. According to court documents, FBI officials received a photo of Brown’s tactical equipment at the Houses of Parliament from an acquaintance of Brown, and the mob who pleaded guilty also confirmed to the agent that Brown was there. He said federal officials called him and tried to let others know.

Brown ran for Congress in 2020 as a Republican in District 14, including Tampa and the surrounding area, but dropped out of the race in March 2020.


Kunzelman reported from College Park, Maryland.