Judge cancels Rod Stewart’s trial and sets up a hearing for judicial transactions


West Palm Beach, Florida (AP) — A Florida judge cancels the trial of Rock Icon Rod Stewart and his adult son and resolves the plea due to a New Year’s quarrel with the hotel next month. I was planning to discuss the judicial transaction for. A security guard almost two years ago.

According to court records, a hearing with Judge August Bonavita is scheduled for October 22 on a plea bargain to close the case without having to appear in court. The trial was scheduled to begin on Tuesday, but was canceled on Thursday.

When convicted, Stewart faced a year’s imprisonment, or probation and a $ 1,000 fine. The terms of the deal are still unclear, and lawyer Guy Fronstin did not respond to emails and phone calls for comment.

Stewart’s battery charge took a long time to settle due to a pandemic and settlement negotiations.

London-born 70’s hits such as “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” “Maggie May” is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was made a knight by Queen Elizabeth II in 2016.

Stewart and his son were accused of pushing and pushing security guard Jesse Dixon at the luxury hotel The Breakers Hotel on December 31, 2019. He didn’t let them attend the New Year’s Eve party.

Police reported that Dixon told Palm Beach police officers that Stewart’s group was at the check-in table for a private party that was not allowed to attend.

Dixon said the group became noisy and began to provoke the scene. Dixon, then 33, told investigators to put his hand on the young Stewart’s chest and back it up to make space.

At that time, rock star son Sean Stewart got Dixon and “nose to nose”.

Sean Stewart, now 41, pushed Dixon backwards. Prosecutors claim that Rod Stewart, now 76, hit Dixon with his closed fist in his “left thoracic area.”

Sean Stewart told investigators he was excited when he couldn’t attend the event “for the interaction between Dixon and his family.”

Two breaker employees who worked at a private event told police that they saw Sean Stewart pushing Dixon and Rod Stewart hitting the guards.

The arrested police officer said he saw the hotel security footage and determined that Stewart was a “major invader.”