Judge grants Meng Wanzhou’s request to postpone the transfer hearing

Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, along with an acquaintance, left the BC Supreme Court for lunch at a hand-over hearing in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 1, 2021. Walk down the street. (Canada Press / Rich Lamb)

A judge at the Vancouver-British Columbia Supreme Court acknowledged that Huawei’s executive Meng Wanzhou had requested that the final hearing be postponed a few days before the final hearing began.

Deputy Judge Heather Holmes will submit the reasons for the decision in writing next week or so, stating that the date for resuming the procedure will be determined later.

The hearing was scheduled to begin on Monday, but Meng’s lawyer said more time was needed to review documents related to the case obtained through a court in Hong Kong.

They asked Holmes on Monday to postpone the proceedings until August 3. The delays they claimed will also give time for the third wave of COVID-19 to subside.

The lawyer of the Canadian President of Laws argued that there was no reason to delay the proceedings of the proceedings in the spotlight, especially in the public interest.

Meng was arrested at a Vancouver airport in 2018 at a US request to face fraud related to US sanctions on Iran, both she and Huawei have denied.

According to Holmes, a conference call with both legal teams is scheduled for April 28 to determine a new date, which should be around August 3.