Judge plans to appoint special master in Trump record case

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Florida federal judge told the Justice Department on Saturday to provide more specific information about classified records removed from former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate, appointing a special master. Case said it was her “preliminary intention” to do so.

A two-page order from U.S. District Judge Eileen Cannon shows that she tends to accept requests from Trump’s attorneys, which may be protected by executive privilege.

The judge has scheduled a Thursday hearing to discuss the issue further. Special masters are often former judges.

Cannon also directed the Justice Department to seal and turn over her more detailed account of materials taken from Trump’s property. It has complained that investigators did not disclose enough information about which specific documents were removed when executing search warrants to look for them.

Even if a special chief is appointed, it is unlikely that the Department of Justice will have a significant impact on the direction of the investigation, but it is possible that an external review of the documents could delay the investigation.