Judge rejects ACLUSC request to suspend McMaster’s return to work order

Friday’s circuit judge demands that South Carolina’s United States Civil Freedom Union suspend Governor Henry McMaster’s order to return all state officials to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rejected.

Judge in filing a refusal to request a provisional or temporary injunction L. Casey Manning The General Assembly has given the governor the responsibility to ensure “national security, security and welfare” and said he has the authority to amend or revoke emergency measures.

Last month, McMaster called State agencies bring back employees As COVID-19 vaccine distribution increased and new COVID-19 cases declined in recent months, he told state agencies “plans to bring all non-essential employees and staff back to work full-time and quickly.” I ordered you to come up with.

More than 24,000 state employees have been working from home since the Governor ordered non-essential workers to work from home last spring.

On Tuesday, Secretary-General Marcia Adams said nearly five percent of state agency employees were still working in remote areas. She added that employees received health and work accommodation before returning to the office.

“When considering the ministry’s guidance to other state agencies, the ministry will consider legitimate accommodation requirements, observe measures to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, and take appropriate measures. We encourage government agencies to consider whether they need masking measures, allowing employees additional time to plan their childcare, “Manning wrote.

The SC ACLU did not immediately comment on Friday’s submission.

In the proceedings, ACLU said McMaster’s orders would harm women, people with disabilities, caregivers and blacks disproportionately.

Manning, in turn, listed other remedies available to plaintiffs in the proceedings, including state grievance proceedings.

Employees can file proceedings, Manning said. If you believe you are discriminated against, then personnel law, Americans with Disabilities Act, or civil rights law.

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