Judge resigns after repeated use of n-word

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Colorado Supreme Court, Denver


Judge Colorado She resigned after being accused of using n-word repeatedly.

According to the Colorado Supreme Court on Friday, the crime was one of four judicial violations committed by Natalie T. Chase.

It was found in report “By expressing views on criminal justice, police atrocities, racial and racial prejudices, we have undermined confidence in the impartiality of the judiciary,” she said.

Following blame and resignation, she gets off the bench in the Arapahoe County District Court in six weeks.

The case included frequent use of n-words in front of black colleagues and asking a black court facilitator, “Why blacks can use n-words, but whites can’t.” I did.

White Chase went on to ask, “Whether the word has an” er “or an” a “at the end, is it different?”

The Colorado Supreme Court said the facilitator, who was a passenger in Ms. Chase’s car at the time of the case, felt uncomfortable and described the use of n-word as “every time piercing my heart.”

In another crime, Ms. Chase mentioned Black Lives Matter In May 2020, police protested the killing of George Floyd, saying she “believes that all life is important.”

Also, in another conversation with a colleague in February 2020, Ms. Chase would boycott the Super Bowl because she opposed the NFL player who was kneeling in the middle of the national anthem in protest of police atrocities against blacks. “.

She added that she “repeatedly discussed personal and family issues” with her colleagues “in a manner that was not dignified or polite.”

Ms. Chase, who apologized for Friday’s case, was reported to be one of many court officials resigning in recent months due to concerns about racist behavior. The Washington Post.

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