Judge sanctions Sidney Powell and other Trump campaign lawyers for failed proceedings


Wednesday federal judge Authorized lawyers including Sidney PowellFormer President Trump’s former campaign lawyer has spread an unfounded conspiracy theory over an unsuccessful proceeding in an attempt to overturn the University of Michigan’s 2020 election results.

Important reason: Judge Linda Parker of the US District Court has formally urged disciplinary bodies to investigate whether other Trump-supporting lawyers, including Powell and Lin Wood, should be prohibited from proceeding. Submit a claim that is not supported by law. “

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  • According to Parker, in December last year, Parker withdrew a lawsuit alleging widespread fraud in the state because he determined it was based on “speculation and speculation.” AP..

  • Parker required Powell, Wood, and other lawyers to pay legal fees related to the proceedings and attend classes on the ethical requirements for proceeding.

What they are saying: “It’s one thing to take responsibility for proving the rights associated with suspected fraudulent elections,” Parker said Wednesday.

  • “It’s another thing to trick federal courts and Americans into believing that their rights have been infringed, regardless of whether the law or rights are actually infringed. That’s what happened here,” she said. Added.

  • “This proceeding should never have been filed. State defendants and intervening defendants should never have had to defend it.”

Big picture: Rudy GiulianiMr. Trump’s former private lawyer was suspended from conducting legal affairs in New York after making false statements to courts, lawmakers and the general public about the 2020 elections.

  • Powell, Giuliani, CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell We are also facing billions of dollars in defamation proceedings from voting equipment company Dominion. The proceedings allege that Protrump’s numbers made false allegations of fraudulent elections that slandered Dominion.

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