Judge sentenced former police officer to 20 years for murdering a black man

Columbia, South Carolina (AP) — Judges support Slager’s 20-year imprisonment for former police officer Michael Slager, who killed Walter Scott, an unarmed black man who fled a transportation stop in South Carolina. I did a bad job that rejected the lawyer’s claim.

Slager had Appeal his decision, His lawyer said he never told him about a judicial deal from a prosecutor who could have shortened his final sentence of shooting Scott five times behind him by years.

However, federal judge Richard Gergel wrote in a decision Monday that he believed in Slager’s lawyer Andy Savage. Slager testified at a hearing last week that he was unaware of the first deal from the prosecutor.

Slager’s 20-year sentence was one of the longest police officers recently remembered on duty killings.

Slager pleaded guilty to federal civil rights for shooting Scott from behind five times on April 4, 2015. Slager was pulling a 50-year-old black driver with a broken brake light when the showdown was captured in a video on a bystander cell phone. After that, it spread all over the world on social media.

In the encounter, they could be seen lying on the ground after Slager hit Scott with a taser. Officials said the investigation revealed that Scott had stood up and was shot from a distance of about 15 feet (5 meters) when he escaped from the police.

The shooting itself was captured in video. Slager didn’t know that when he first told investigators that Scott had charged him after stealing his Taser gun.

“In the ruling, Petitioner tried to blame the victim. Now he is trying to blame his lawyer and judge. But a careful review of this entire tragic episode tells Petitioner It becomes clear that no one blames the current plight and the ruling, “Gergel wrote.

Savage is one of South Carolina The most skilled lawyer At the time, he also represented members of the Black Church, who were saved in a racist slaughter that killed nine people at Charleston Church in 2015, two months after Slager’s arrest.

Slager’s new lawyer did not suspect his guilt, only a statement in federal prison records that he would remain behind the prison until 2033.

Slager pleaded guilty to civil rights infringement, but the length of his decision depends on how federal judge David Norton interpreted the shooting. If it was a voluntary manslaughter committed by the heat of passion, the ruling guidelines meant that Slager could have faced only seven years.

But Norton is shooting Murder twice Slager fired a total of nine bullets and lied about Scott stealing Taser.

Savage was provided eight months ago after discussing with Norton during a private meeting of the judge’s public funding for Slager’s defense in a court document as part of Slager’s appeal. He said he did not tell the former officer about the possibility of a judicial transaction. This is “not a murder”.

Savage believed that Norton determined that the upper limit of the judgment guidelines was eight years in prison, a manslaughter case nearly four years shorter than the lower limit of the prosecution’s offer. He recommended that Slager plead guilty without a deal.

Savage never asked Norton for clarity. Norton said in a court document of Slager’s Court of Appeals that he was discussing Slager’s state trial on murder charges that had already taken place. In a miss trial.

At a hearing last week, Savage testified to his promise in a previous court document to share all plea bargains with Slager in a court document filed before the final conviction was true.

Slager’s alleged state murder was withdrawn as part of a federal judicial transaction. If convicted on that charge, he could face life imprisonment, and his lawyer said he would like to spend his time in a federal detention center where Slager felt safer than a state prison. It was.

Gergel praised Savage and his fellow lawyers for being “enthusiastic supporters,” and their work led to a four-day trial that cost nearly $ 100,000 for taxpayers’ money. Creativity in the face of a difficult set of facts, “demonstrating an element of creativity that goes far beyond the minimum acceptable performance standards.” “

In the end, even a great lawyer couldn’t overcome the video of Slager shooting the running man’s back nine times and lying about it, Gargel said.

“Lawyers are advocates, not magicians. They couldn’t erase this abominable evidence,” Gergel wrote.


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