Judge Slam claims that Trump has been unfairly selected for the AG probe

Manhattan judge called Thursday Donald Trump “Just a bad guy” in a bitter rebuke of a lawyer who claims the former president was unfairly selected for an investigation by the Attorney General of New York Leticia James..

At the end of the hearing, Judge Arthur Engoron of the State Supreme Court ordered Trump with his daughter Ivanka Trump and his son. Donald Trump Jr... ――To Obey the subpoena and testify under the oath In a civil investigation that James began about the suspicious Trump Organization business practices.

Attorney Arina Haba claimed that James was discriminating against Trump for his politics — and he was part of a “protected class” that should be legally protected from her investigation.

Haba is playing cards He was discriminated against by his “point of view”. (Trump said in a survey by James, Black.Racist.. “)

James said, “Such Despise this person Because he was president, he was Donald Trump and he was able Probably win again in 24 yearsHaba insisted during the hearing. “He has the rights to the First Amendment. He is allowed to be a Republican.”

Engoron replied: He just says nothing. “

When Haba claimed that Trump was part of a “protected class,” Engoron replied: Which protected class is he a member of? “

“”His political speechHaba replied. “This wouldn’t happen unless he was a Republican and a former president who could run. That’s why she discriminates against him.”

The judge and his clerk pointed out that the protected classes included race, religion, and gender.

“Donald Trump Does not fit that model, “Engoron declared flatly. “Isn’t he discriminated against by race? Or is he a religion? He’s not a protected class,” the judge added.

“If James has anything to oppose him, ok, that’s not my understanding [of] Illegal discrimination. He’s a bad guy she should chase As the state’s Supreme Law Enforcement Officer. “

After a controversial two-hour hearing, Engoron Written in his judgment “I want to start investigating the entity, find a lot of evidence of potential financial fraud, and, under the oath, ask some of the entity’s principals, including the entity of the same name,” said the state justice minister. Stated. She has the right to do so..

If James didn’t investigate, Engoron said he was “lazy”, especially after Trump’s former private lawyer Michael Cohen testified that the company was “cooking books.”

He wrote that the three Trumps have “the absolute right to refuse to answer the question they claim they may be guilty of.”

James is investigating whether Trump or the Trump organization has acquired loans and investors and forged asset values ​​to pay lower taxes.

Trump Camp was hit earlier this week after long-standing accounting firm Mothers USA broke its ties with the Trump Organization. The 10-year financial statements were unreliable..

At Engoron’s order, Trump’s trio was given 21 days to provide testimony collection.

“Justice has won today,” James said in a statement.

“No matter how powerful they are, no one will be allowed to interfere with the pursuit of justice,” she added. “No one is beyond the law.”

The decision is likely to be appealed by Trump’s lawyer.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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