Judge throws proceedings of former Republican Katie Hill against tabloids

Los Angeles (AP) — A lawsuit by former US MP Katie Hill in California against the Daily Mail was dismissed Wednesday by a judge who said the tabloids were protected under the First Amendment when she published her nude photos. It was.

Judge Yolanda Orosco wrote a decision that he accepted the Daily Mail’s claim that the publication of photographs was a “public interest or public interest issue.”

Hill’s lawyer, Carrie Goldberg, said her client would appeal.

“DM said Katie’s nudity was their freedom of speech, and the court agreed. I don’t think the Court of Appeals would agree,” Goldberg said. Tweet Wednesday.

“I sued the Daily Mail for publishing non-consensual nude images. Today, I lost the case in court because the judge, not the judge, thinks revenge porn is a free speech,” Hill said on Twitter. Stated.

Hill also sued her ex-husband Kenny Hesrep and the conservative news site redstate.com, claiming to have distributed “non-consensual pornography” that helped ruin her political career. did.

Hill, 33, resigned from Congress in 2019 after a nude photo of her and her aide was leaked.

She admitted that she had an inappropriate relationship with a female campaign assistant, but denied allegations of a relationship with a male parliamentary employee. Relationships with Congressional staff would have violated House rules.

Hill is a 25th parliamentary district seat covering northern Los Angeles County and parts of Ventura County, a wave of democracy that left seven California Republicans absent when defeating Republican Steve Knight in 2018. It was a part.

Republican Mike Garcia won Hill’s vacant House of Representatives seat in the November elections.

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