Judges are asked to change the wording of “trauma” in the Shovan memo

Minneapolis (AP) —The prosecutor told the judge in charge of the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. George Floyd’s death Rewrite His decision order Remove the suggestion that child witnesses are not suffering from trauma.

Attorney General Keith Ellison said in a filing announced Thursday Chauvin’s 22 and a half year sentence. But he told Judge Peter Carhill to remove the suggestion that the four girls who witnessed Floyd’s death and testified at Chauvin’s trial did not traumatize what they saw. Requested a review of the document. He cited studies showing that children treat trauma differently than adults and adults tend to downplay the effects of trauma on black girls.

“Discounting the trauma of children who testified in court, in the opinion of the authoritative judiciary, only exacerbates the trauma they suffered,” Ellison wrote.

In his written analysis, Kay Hill said he had Previously discovered aggravating factors It allowed him to sentence Chauvin ten years above the estimated punishment under state sentencing guidelines. Two factors justifying the higher ruling were Chauvin’s abuse of his position of trust or authority as an officer and his particularly cruel treatment of Floyd.

Cahill also wrote that the presence of children on the scene, while aggravating, does not justify a longer ruling. He agreed with the defense that the girls were free to leave at any time, and said the prosecution’s evidence did not prove that they had been traumatized. He said the two were seen smiling and laughing while police officers continued to lock Floyd.

But Ellison says: Darnella Fraser, WHO Filmed a widespread social media video After Floyd’s death, Alyssa Funari cried at the stand while testifying that she had been unable to return to the scene ever since.

“This evidence supports common sense conclusions. Children were traumatized after witnessing a brutal minutes of murder by police officers,” the Attorney General wrote.

According to research, “children sometimes handle trauma in an unintuitive way,” and people “laugh nervously under stress,” Ellison writes. There is less need for protection and upbringing than white girls. “

“This phenomenon, known as’adultization’, also means that observers can downplay the trauma of young black girls. … such discounts can be particularly detrimental if it has the permission of authority, “he writes.

Mary Moriarty, a former public defender in Hennepin County, said Ellison’s letter was “a big deal” while it wouldn’t change Chauvin’s decision or affect his case. It was. She seems that Kay Hill “depends on some serious stereotypes” about a black girl in a memorandum of judgment, which is “a complete misunderstanding about how trauma works.” He said it reflected.

“It’s really important that someone in his position understands this correctly, because people, including these four girls, may read it and conclude about trauma that is simply not true. “Moriarty said.


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