Judges say British schoolboy terrorists are not “dangerous”

The judge said it wasn’t “dangerous” in the legal sense and decided to send a 14-year-old boy, who was considered one of the youngest in Britain, to jail to become a convicted terrorist. I opposed it.

The court heard that he had expressed a racist and far-right opinion online, implying that he would carry out a shooting at school and write some suicide notes.

The boy, who could not be identified for legal reasons, admitted three counts of possession of terrorist publications at a hearing at the Westminster Administrative Court earlier this year.

On Friday, the defendant was sentenced at the Newton Aycliffe Youth Court in Durham in front of the British Supreme Court Justice, Paul Goldspring, Senior District Judge.

A boy living in Darlington told the judge that he was “obsessed with the army” from an early age, but “I turned into a bad one.”

The boy with his mother promised not to re-offend Goldspring and said the story of the school attack was just an “illusion.”

Prosecutor Jane Stansfield said the boy was 11 years old when he downloaded the image of Hitler and found an image of a Nazi salute.

He was only 13 years old when he downloaded the Anarchist’s Cookbook, a manual on the manufacture of plastic explosives and a document on the design of bombs in the Middle East.

At some point, after discussing on social media about his bombing of an orphanage, counterterrorism police officers were turned over and his home searched.

Detectives seized his computer, hard drive, and cell phone and found evidence of interest in racist ideology, Nazism, and the Columbine slaughter.

Stevens Andrews, a boy’s lawyer, said: .. “

Goldspring imposed a 12-month referral order, stating that the boy had previously been characterized by autism and suffered from trauma, but “almost all minorities have your vitriol. The term you received and used was just as worrisome and abominable. “

Counter Terrorism Policing North East Criminal Director Matt Davison urged the public to report any concerns that the militant views were expressed directly or on social media.

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Chris Summers


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