Judges talked about how teenagers paid £ 45,000 a week at the “crisis” costing council

Judges said safe accommodation for troubled teens after the council was told they were spending £ 45,000 ($ 61,600) a week on caring for a girl in a “crisis situation.” Expressed concern about the shortage of.

Judge Peel agreed that everyone involved in the care of the girl was in “totally inappropriate” accommodation and “wondered” the amount of public money spent on her care package. “Target”.

But he did not blame the social welfare boss or medical staff.

He said the problem was caused by the lack of “available placement options”.

The judge considered the girl’s case at an online hearing in the Conservation Court on Monday. It airs issues related to people who lack the mental ability to make decisions.

He said the girl in her late teens could not be identified in the media coverage of the case and could not name the council responsible for her care.

Justice Peel is the latest in a series of judges who have expressed concern about the lack of regulated and safe accommodation for children in England and Wales.

A barrister representing the council boss responsible for caring for the girl outlined the girl’s case to Judge Peel.

Lucy Reaming said the girl with mental health and behavioral problems was violent and cared for “4 to 1”.

She told the girl that she lived in a “totally inadequate environment” due to limited resources, and told the judge that the care package would cost £ 45,000 a week.

“Everyone involved in care [the girl] I am grateful for the crisis she is facing, “Reaming said.

“This is a very dire situation.”

She said the council boss wanted the Minister of Education to know about the case.

Justice Peel, based in the family department of the London High Court, said the council boss could legally continue to deprive teenagers of her freedom.

He said the case would be reviewed soon.

“This is yet another case where limited resources and lack of available placement options mean that young people are now placed in places that everyone agrees with,” he said. ..

“Still, this is done at the cost of a public wallet of £ 45,000 a week.

“That’s an amazing amount.”

Earlier this year, Sir Stevens, a Supreme Court judge, one of Britain’s most senior judges, “scandalous” the lack of “appropriate provisions” for children in need of approved and safe accommodation. Said.

Sir Stevens expressed concern in a Supreme Court ruling on another vulnerable teenage proceeding in July, stating that the issue was a scandal involving “all elements of tragedy.”

Brian Farmer