Julia Fox rejects allegations that she is dating Kanye West “for money.”

Uncut gem Star Julia Fox dismissed the claim that she was dating only “for money” Ye (formerly known as Kanye West).

Fox is now Donda An artist who broke up with his wife’s reality show star Kim Kardashian last year.

Speak in her Friday (January 21st) episode Forbidden fruit In the podcast, Fox said that his relationship with you “couldn’t really care” about all the promotions getting in the media.

“It’s an interesting reason why I’m getting all this attention, but I really couldn’t care,” she said.

“People are like,’Oh, you’re only for fame, you’re there for influence, you’re there for money.’ Honey, I dated a millionaire throughout my adult life, let’s keep it a reality. “

Fox said her main concern was “putting things into the world,” adding that she was only annoyed by engaging people in her artistic pursuit.

“Watch my movie and read my book,” she said. “It’s more thrilling to me now than looking at me. I couldn’t care any more.”

Earlier this month, Fox shared a blog post explaining the date she went. Ethers Artist.

Fox starred in the 2020 movie Uncut gem Along with Adam Sandler, the performance was highly acclaimed by critics.