Julio Iglesias’ daughter is growing up and living her best life

Julio Iglesias, the best-selling Latin artist in history, once said, “Passion has been in my DNA for generations.”

That DNA is inherited by his gorgeous and influential twin daughters, Christina and Victoria. Christina and Victoria are already 19 years old and have tens of thousands of followers on social media at a young age.

Christina is a beautiful blonde with porcelain skin that exudes elegance and sensuality.

She knows it and is not shy.

In fact, she shares the gift of nature inherited from Iglesias and former Dutch model Miranda Rijnsburger, leaving her fans with all the sensual photos she posts on Instagram.

Her profile shows that she likes the beach, likes animals, and likes to take pictures of herself in bikinis.

And from time to time she posts photos with her twin sister Victoria. And she is another beauty who is on her way in the high society world.

Humble, elegant, and proud of his Latin roots, Iglesias’ beautiful twin daughters last year Harper’s Bazaar Magazine..

The Iglesias twins defined their differences, “We complement each other and make the most of each. We are adventurers, athletes, animal lovers and ours. We are loyal to the people around us, “they said in an interview.

They are blondes with a perfect Dutch look, but agreed that “we have the soul and eyes of a Spanish woman”.

In a post she fascinates fans on Instagram, Christina writes captions in one or two words, or just emojis.

All user comments are a tribute to her winding appearance, and the heart and kiss emoji are as rich as the stars in the sky.

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