Jury listening to closing arguments will be quarantined during verdict deliberation

Minneapolis — Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s murder indictment and defense lawyer charged with the death of George Floyd Expected to present closing arguments Monday.

Attorneys try to summarize each piece of evidence and witness testimony and focus on claiming that the jury was the most important factor and that those factors proved. The prosecution took a break from the proceedings last week After calling 38 witnesses and playing dozens of video clips in 11 days. Defense rested on Thursday After calling 7 witnesses in 2 days.

Judge Peter Carhill Talked to 14 juries They should return to court on Monday at 9am CDT. Following closing arguments, Cahill directs the jury on the law of the case before deliberating the verdict. The two jury members are informed that they are taking turns and are not part of the deliberations.

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The pig’s head was left in the former home of Chauvin’s defense witness Barry Brod

According to police, the Vandals left pig heads in the former California homes of use of force experts who testified on behalf of police officers accused of killing George Floyd.

A house in Santa Rosa, northern San Francisco, was also smeared with blood, according to a police statement on Saturday. The house was owned by former police officer Barry Brod, who was running for a murder trial in Minneapolis last week.

Former Santa Rosa police officer Brod testified in a murder trial that he believed that Derek Chauvin’s detention of Floyd was in line with proper police practices. Brod told the jury that Chauvin was “justified” in his use of force. – The first witnesses who claimed Floyd’s detention were accepted.

“The suspect in this vandalism seems to have targeted Mr Brod for his testimony,” said the Santa Rosa police station. “Mr. Brod hasn’t lived in this dwelling for years and is no longer a resident of California.”

The arrest was not announced. Please check this out for details.

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How the jury works in the Derek Chauvin trial

After the discussion is over, Cahill will explain each accusation and the legal elements underlying those accusations. The jury needs to go beyond prima facie suspicion to determine whether the government has proved all the elements of a particular suspicion. The defense has no burden of proof and Chauvin is considered innocent unless convicted in court.

The jury will be quarantined during the deliberations. The court provides the jury with meals and puts them in the hotel all night. There, Marshall provides security. The jury is not allowed to discuss the case with anyone else, or even outside the council room.

They are allowed to consider any of the exhibits submitted as evidence. You are also allowed to re-examine certain testimonies from witnesses. The jury can send a written message to the judge if they have any questions.

“If I were you, I would have a long (deliberation) plan and hope for a short,” Kay Hill told the jury Thursday. Learn more about how jury deliberations work..

Derek Chauvin tells court not to testify because the defense is suing

Derek Chauvin He told the court on Thursday that he would not testify in his defense.. “I exercise the privileges of my Fifth Amendment today,” Chauvin said.

Chauvin, who actively took notes throughout the trial and joined the sidebar with a lawyer, said at one point that chief counsel Eric Nelson had repeatedly “goed back and forth” on the issue of testimony. ,Smiled. He provided short and direct answers to each question from Nelson and the judge.

In this image from the video, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin speaks for the first time on Thursday in his murder trial in Minneapolis.

In this image from the video, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin speaks for the first time on Thursday in his murder trial in Minneapolis.

George Floyd’s cousin, Arthur Reed, was in Floyd’s castle in court. Asked about Chauvin’s decision not to testify, Reed said the prosecution felt “he would have chopped him up every second” when asked why he knelt on Floyd for so long.

“I never thought they would wear him,” he added. It’s a great case. “

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