“Just like Karen!” Watch Terrell Owens face off with his Florida neighbors

Terrell Owens had a disturbing encounter with his bicycling neighbor in South Florida on Tuesday night. Naturally, the incident was captured on video.

On Instagram, the former NFL star posted a lengthy video to Deerfield Beach’s gated community around 10:30 p.m.

The 10-plus-minute clip begins right after the 48-year-old from Alabama was apparently going to the mailbox when he started sparring with a woman who called the cops.

The caption read, “Wow!! A normal night as a black man in America. I want to say I can’t believe it, but you guys know what it is.”

Contains hashtags #GoingToTheMailboxWhileBlack.

As Owens talks to his 543,000 followers, he sees a Broward County Sheriff’s Department patrol car parked behind him.

“I can’t wait,” says the retired athlete. “i can’t wait.”

Away from the camera, a woman can be heard accusing her famous neighbor of blowing up a stop sign and speeding through her neighborhood.

“Just like Karen!” he yells.

In tears, the woman complained to her lieutenant that Owens got out of the car and became confrontational.

“You black man approaching a white woman!” she yells directly at the former “The TO Show” star.

and 911 Transcript An unidentified woman obtained by TMZ Sports told a dispatcher: He was literally speeding, but he got mad at me because we were crossing the sidewalk and he nearly hit us. ”

After receiving statements from both parties, no one was charged in the case.

“The parties have been separated and the situation has been resolved,” the BSO said in a statement to the media.

However, Owens was furious about this, Change.org petition launched Prosecute “racist” individuals for making “false police reports.”

“Thankfully, this time only the police took action,” the petition said, gathering 7,906 signatures with a goal of 10,000. “This could have ended much differently and innocent lives could have been taken again. Justice must be served and lessons must be learned.”

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