K-9 featured in Netflix’s “Rescued by Ruby” was euthanized

Providence, RI (AP) — Rhode Island dog.A moving story about going from a shelter dog to the lifesaving police K-9 Recent Netflix movie themes I was euthanized.

State police said Sunday’s K-9 Ruby was defeated on Friday following a “sudden acute incurable illness.” She was 11 years old.

Colonel Darnell Weaver, the director of the state police, thanked K-9 Ruby for his many years of service.

“K-9 Ruby has served the citizens of Rhode Island and dedicated her life to having a positive impact on everyone with whom she has interacted,” he said in a statement. What can a shelter dog do when given the chance of love and brilliance? “

Ruby has served the Rhode Island Police Department for 11 years and was in charge of Corporal Daniel O’Neill, Weaver said.

Some were Australian Shepherds and some were Border Collies, and Ruby was one of the first shelter dogs trained to serve the Rhode Island Police Department. She has participated in many search and rescue missions and has appeared in many public places during her career.

Ruby was notorious in 2017 when he found a teenage boy who was seriously injured while hiking in the woods. The boy turned out to be the son of an animal protection volunteer who fought to prevent her from being knocked down.

“She was a perfect knuckle head,” said Patricia Inman, a shelter volunteer and dog trainer. Told the Associated Press Ruby’s returned from five families because O’Neill was so violent before hiring an eight-month-old child at the time in 2011.

Ruby has been nationally recognized for rescue — the American Human Hero Dog Organization has named her the National “Search and Rescue Dog of the Year” — and her story is from the 2022 Netflix movie “Ruby”. I was rescued. “

“She had a fulfilling, happy and wonderful life, not only as a soldier, but as a member of her beloved family,” Weaver said. “She worked to the end and she never gave up doing what she liked best — making people smile.”

Ruby lives with O’Neill and his family and will be personally honored, police said.

“She was given a chance and is doing everything she can to repay it,” O’Neill said earlier this year. “You have this dog that was given up, and she changed the lives of so many people.”

Despite her acclaimed search and rescue career, Ruby’s mischievous spirit was uncontrollable: three years ago she bolted near a state park, It will be safe and healthy After 19 hours of searching. More recently, she has returned from a bathroom break with a live skunk writhing and spraying.

Antic was part of the reason for making Ruby Ruby. Above all, she was a good dog.

“If you show them love and compassion and you give them some kind of stability, they will show their true color,” O’Neill said.