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Dominion builds a legitimate beast to drain billions of trumps

The Daily Beast / Getty photographic illustrations Dominion Voting Systems has recently been in legal affairs as election technology companies are chasing Trump World and conservative media giants as the multi-billion dollar proceedings are currently balancing. We are quietly expanding the department. He recently invited seven lawyers from Texas-based Sasman Godfrey’s office to spearhead Dominion’s proceedings against Rudolph Giuliani, Sidney Powell and pillow mogul Mike Lindel. L. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. “There is a huge synergy between the work done by the Sasman team in the 2020 elections and the defamation case they were pursuing for Dominion,” said Tom of the infamous and aggressive law firm Claire Rock.・ Claire told Daily. Beast. “As these discussions unfolded, we also found that the two companies were culturally very similar in that they were ready for a legal approach to proceedings,” he adds. “I think it will be a very effective team.” Dominion, who expands his legal team, is a major propaganda campaign for months to destroy the company and unfoundedly attack the results of the 2020 US presidential contest. The latest effort to punish players. On Friday, Fox News was filed in a $ 1.6 billion proceeding. “Fox News Media is proud of its 2020 election coverage, which stands in the highest tradition of American journalism, and will actively defend against this unfounded proceeding in court,” the company’s statement said. Stated. News Network — Post-election conspiracy theories have also been aired and are one of Dominion’s next proceedings, according to two people familiar with the matter. Justin Nelson — Sasman’s lawyer, Mike Lindel, and Fox News supporting Dominion’s defamation case against Sidney Powell-others against Lynnwood, Sidney Powell, and Arizona election authorities in an attempt to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the state. He represented Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hob in the “Kuraken” proceedings filed by his lawyer. “Aside from the results of the 2020 general election,” the judge contained many false allegations that Dominion was defamation, including allies. Dominion uses software from another voting technology company, Smartmatic, which was “founded by foreign oligarchy and dictators to ensure computerized voting stuffing and voting operations.” So helped Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez steal the national elections. At the time, Nelson called the proceeding an “attack on democracy,” and Sasman’s lawyers said Wood, Powell and others “weakened the rule of law and received breathtaking and surprising unprecedented relief.” He has also had a lot of attention in the case of fraudulent elections. Davida Brooke, who signed the proceedings against Powell, Giulani and Lindel, accused Brett Ratner of rape in a previously deleted Facebook post. He represented Melanie Kohler, a Los Angeles woman who had filed a defamation proceeding against her. Brooke represented Caller. Ratner subsequently withdrew the proceedings. Brooke also withdrew his ex-husband Johnny. -Represented actress Amber Hard, who was accused after Depp wrote an editorial for the Washington Post, claiming that he had falsely suggested that he had “committed domestic violence against her.” Dominion’s legal anger targets or potential targets ran for coverage, or even relied on deleting articles or even covering their trucks. Others continue to steadily rebel, claiming that the legal struggle and the accompanying findings instead lead to Dominion’s humiliation. Lindel is also Protrump’s main financial backer and has attempted to negate President Biden’s decisive victory in 2020. The Daily Beast, who hired a private detective to dig up evidence of “dirt” and foreign entanglements in both Dominion and Smartmatic, and he hoped to counterclaim in the coming weeks. The legal team had not yet ruled out a specific chase after former President Trump, but a final decision had not yet been made as to whether the former leader of the free world would like to open a can of worms. During his tenure, Mr. Trump personally promoted the same type of conspiracy theory, with voting technology executives and their lawyers now causing substantial and unfounded damage and endangering them with numerous murder threats. Claims to be. Separate proceedings, including allegations of sexual assault, his family-owned business empire, an attack on the bloody Parliament on January 6, and subsequent widespread anti-democratic efforts. 2020 elections facing an avalanche of investigations and criminal investigations. Trump, who has lost legal protection by becoming president in recent months, has personally equipped his enemies to investigate and “sue me for the rest of my life.” For more information, see The Daily Beast. .. Put our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.