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The day Maduro is about to collapse: the inside story of the Venezuelan uprising failure

Before the dawn of April 30, 2019, Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo Lopez, the US-backed interim president of Venezuela and, until that morning, the most prominent political prisoner in the country, stood together to end the administration of Nicolas Maduro. Declared. The plane claimed by US authorities was waiting at the parking lot to escort Maduro to Cuba. Get your time-worthy market news on Axios Markets. Two years after subscribing for free, Guaidó’s star fell, Lopez went into exile, and Maduro remains in Palacio de Miraflores. Axios talked to key figures to expel Maduro and witnessed what happened that day to find out what went wrong. John Bolton’s day began with a 5:25 am call from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. By then, Bolton had stated to Axios, “Today was that day.” .. Bolton awakened Donald Trump for the first time during his tenure as National Security Adviser. He delivered the message that Guaidó plans to split his administration and expel Maduro, and that Venezuelan leaders could be imprisoned for the end of the day. I saw on social media that Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo Lopez are together, “said Carlos Sandval, writer and professor of literature at Central University of Venezuela. “Guaidó said he was basically at La Carlota, an air force base in downtown. He said this was part of the process of liberating the country. People need to be on the street,” Eyes When I woke up, I saw this man (Lopez) out and said,’What the hell is going on?’ “Recalls Columbia Ambassador to the United States Francisco Santos. Santos worked closely with the White House and Guaidó teams during the preparatory period until April 30th. After Maduro’s inner circle was about to abandon him, with the guarantee that “everything was detained,” Santos thought: They are going to pull it off. Now there are completely different ball games. Leopoldo Lopez (R) stands side by side with Guaidó in Caracas. Photo: Christian Hernandez / AFP via Guaidó’s Washington Ambassador Getty Carlos Vecchio was in regular contact with Guaidó and others on the ground. Most of the time he remembers waiting. “I was hoping for some events that I had negotiated with some people in the administration. I kept expecting that moment. [to come]”He told Axios. A source who was coordinating between the opposition and the administration before April 30 told Axios. The court and the military—Michael Moreno and Vladimir Padrino, respectively—and others in Maduro’s inner circle. If Maduro lost power, they were offered protection and seemed willing to play at least their role when the Maduro crash was imminent. The first domino collapsed when Christopher Figuera, the head of the secret police, facilitated the escape from Lopez’s house arrest. Moreno then moved, proclaiming Maduro illegal and promoting parliament. Padrino then publicly matched the army with the Supreme Court’s ruling, and the civilians and army, which Maduro was widely disliked, gathered behind Guaidó. The vise will close so fast that he cannot escape. The days of the two presidents, which began in January with the declaration that Maduro is the “chrysanthemum” and President Guaidó of Parliament is the legitimate leader, are over. “Time goes against you like this,” says Santos. “Four or five hours after nothing happened, I said. A National Guard pledged allegiance to Maduro arrives at the scene. Photo: Yuri Cortez via Getty / AFP” Near where I live When I was outside, I first met a National Guard officer who shot and killed people gathering in the street, “says Sandval. “Colectivo”, or a left-wing paramilitary organization, arrived and began shooting. This was all done just outside the police station. “The first thing that comes to mind is,’Wait, Juan Guaidó said something was developing, what did the police know when some events were happening?” .. I find this to be the same old story as usual. “When Maduro was taken to Fort Tiuna and heard that the Russians and Cubans were there and they were digging in, it was when it began to look miserable.” Bolton reflects. .. “They didn’t mean to let him go, I’m sure.” Early in the afternoon, the situation “goed downhill,” Bolton appeared in front of the White House, of Padrino, Moreno, and Presidential Guard. Ivan Hernandez Dara all plot against Maduro. We knew that the Maduro administration was part of this plot, “Bolton says. John Bolton explains to the press. Photo: Brendan Smearlowski / AFP via Getty Four Four protesters were killed and more than 200 were injured. This is another episode of a long, never-ending novel. I don’t know when it will end, maybe I will die and miss the end. Carlos Sandoval, writer and professor of literature What went wrong The administration’s insiders never fully trusted the opposition’s promises, and the military was coordinating the two camps, which only supported the victory. “Maduro remained calm,” said a source. Sources say the army could have turned him on if Maduro fired the army chief who had attempted a plot behind him. The next morning, Padrino appeared on state television and smiled with the Chief Commander. “We are very close,” Guaidó asked Axios. “And we are very close to achieving the transition,” “the most important element of what April 30 represents,” he told the Hudson Institute last week. Migration. Even those close to trying to expel horses, Duro is still uncertain whether the turncourt has doubled them, hedged their bets, or just chilled. In Vecchio’s view, the opposition was “underestimating the essence of the administration … a powerful criminal organization.” Inauguration of Nicolas Maduro and Vladimir Padrino. Photo: Juan Barreto / AFP via Getty Bolton has partly blamed Trump. The president gathered behind Guaidó and was ready to abandon him the next moment, to the extent that Bolton felt that Maduro’s overthrow had to be accomplished quickly before Trump completely abandoned the cause. He says he was. “Bolton says. And after the failure of April 30, Trump “did not want anything to do with it.” Aftermath “From that day on, I felt fooled,” says Sandval. “I misbelieved the opposition,” said Sandval. “Now it’s almost impossible for someone to convince me to go on a march and listen to politicians.” Venezuela’s suffering is Despite the world’s eye movements, it intensified in the months following April 30. The immigration crisis is accelerating. Currently, 5 million Venezuelan people live abroad, of which About 2 million people cross the Colombian border. “Bogota’s musicality has changed,” says Santos because of the number of Venezuelan accents. One estimate is that 96% of the remaining people in the country live in poverty. “There seems to be no end to this sentiment,” said Sandval. “The situation is even more difficult as inflation, pandemics and quarantine strive to prevent death.” Or trying not to die from starvation. “Venezuelans travel to Colombia. Photo: Schneider Mendoza via Getty / AFP What is it now? Guaidó is trying to keep the fight alive and recreate the internal momentum and global attention that was very apparent two years ago. “He can’t trust the people around him, and at any time we’ll be able to open that door for change in Venezuela. The Biden administration’s attention has ever been elsewhere. There was a trade between pandemics, China, Russia and Iran. Venezuela’s policy review is underway. The administration continues to recognize Guido and calls Maduro a “dictator.” The Western Hemisphere, a spokesman for the country, said the United States would “end the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela through practical and effective international cooperation” while fighting “cross-border crime and crime networks originating from Venezuela.” He told Axios that he would work to help him. I don’t think things will change politically anytime soon. “I don’t know,” says Sandval. “As optimists, I will continue to work and support my students. They cannot leave the country, but they can try to find their way.” “My optimism. Hope the principle finds a way. ”Like this article?

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