Kamala Harris, disaster

Men Early 2019, then-Sen. Kamala Harris has secured her position as a companion to the next Vice Presidential election by announcing the 2020 presidential election campaign. The Democratic Party was aiming to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020, no matter what. In the minds of leftist voters and politicians, the country had to be saved four years after Trump. There was no room for error. It also meant that Harris’ presidential campaign was essentially dead on arrival.

Her campaign lasted a total of 11 months shy and didn’t even live to see the year of the election. In fact, Harris’s campaign was so overlooked that it failed just as Montana Governor Steve Bullock and former Pennsylvania Parliamentarian Joe Sestuck stopped their respective campaigns. Even the pleasing spiritualist Marianne Williamson lasted a long time. In the end, Harris blamed his finances. “My presidential campaign just doesn’t have the financial resources it needs to continue,” she wrote. “I’m not a millionaire. I can’t fund my campaign. And as the campaign progresses, it’s getting harder and harder to get the money we need to compete. “

By early March 2020, the presumed Democratic candidate was former Vice President Joe Biden. In a debate in Washington, DC, Biden declared that if he won the nomination, he would “choose a woman as vice president.” His expressed commitment to both gender and racial diversity was none other than the implicit support of his former enemy, Harris. Senators filled out the correct boxes in terms of biology and favorable resumes, and many Democrats felt calm by including young, progressive counters that could be Biden’s successors. Gambling went well and Trump is gone.

Only nine months have passed since Biden became the 46th president. Things changed when Donald Trump was absent. You can create a case where a particular norm is back. But just because we’re not Trump doesn’t mean we’re capable executives who will lead our country to a better tomorrow. And Biden’s incompetence is evident in the changes that have taken place at home and abroad.

But where is Vice President Kamala Harris in all of this?

If anything is a ringing prosecution of gender politics, it is the unobtrusive nature of Harris’ Vice President. It seems that the only hurdle she had to overcome was to become the first woman to hold an office. She achieved this simply by being present: Harris was in the right place at the right time. The Democratic Party needed a victory that could also be counted as an official cultural evolution. Biden will defeat Trump, mainly thanks to the latter’s self-destruction, and history will finally be made with a woman on the ticket. The party, which saw the “unavoidable” Hillary Clinton lose, was looking for some relief and a sense of accomplishment. Harris first offered it. And no more.

A year after announcing that a woman would be his running mate, President Biden assigned a major job to the woman he chose. At a March meeting to discuss the immigration crisis, Biden questioned Harris and said, “When she speaks, she speaks for me.”

Even before the election, the Democratic strategy was to treat Trump as the designer of the border crisis and portray the Trump administration’s immigration mitigation efforts as inhumane. They promised that the “Party of Compassion” would regain control of power. A new day will begin for America and those who are starting a new life here. A few months later, no meaningful action was taken, the influx of immigrants increased, and the border and subsequent conditions all deteriorated during the pandemic. The US president has assigned a mission to the vice president, but things are getting worse. So far, Harris’ best and seemingly unique border policy attempt took place at a press conference in early June during his trip to Guatemala and Mexico. The US-Mexico border, “she said. “Don’t come, don’t come.” For months in the meantime, illegal border crossings have continued unabated.

Harris’ growing frustration with her practical efforts and lack of interest is by no means the focus of Republicans. Recent images from Del Rio, Texas, show that thousands of Haitian immigrants are camping under the bridge and eager to enter the United States. Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC asked: “What about the message from the Vice President? Where is she? She was supposed to be in charge of all these transition issues.” Julia Ainsley of NBC News repeated the question, “Well, from the Vice President. I haven’t heard much, “he admitted.

When Harris finally arrived, it only spread the false media story that border guards working on horseback to tame a large crowd attacked migrants with a whip. Despite its apparent inaccuracies — the object in question was a horse bridle that was not even used as a whip — Harris encouraged the investigation of this allegation and condemned the treatment of the immigrant crowd. What decisions have led to illegal immigrant gatherings in Del Rio and elsewhere? Limited concern.

Harris does not set high standards as the first female vice president, but proves that a shallow attachment to gender does not lead to real-world effectiveness or success. History was made by her elections, and for some voters, that was enough. There are painful lessons to be learned by prioritizing gender over preparation. Biden needed Harris to win the White House. But just as the presidency is too big a job for older politicians, the position of vice president is also a very important job for people like Harris. She gladly took on the role, knowing that the path to power needed its acceptance, whether she believed she was ready or not. Less than a year later, voters notice a strange combination. Harris is overwhelmed and indifferent.

The main weakness of the Vice President is the inability to communicate effectively and wisely. Recently, Harris’s team has added two new experts to support this area: Lorraine Voles and Obama graduate Adam Frankel. The pair is cutting out their work for them. For example, when asked in a television interview in early June why she didn’t visit the southern border, Harris told NBC Lester Holt: I mean, I don’t understand — I don’t understand what you’re saying. Harris, who deserves repetition, was the leader in the Biden administration’s border affairs and finally visited the border for the first time as Vice President later in the month.

During a Q & A session on a recent visit to George Mason University, students mentioned the financial support the United States provided to Israel. Students characterized the aid as contributing to “ethnic slaughter and expulsion of people.” In response, Harris said, “This is about your voice, your point of view, your experience, the fact that your truth is uncontrollable, and that must be heard.” The White House remained silent about the suspicious exchange and had to rely on its supporters for the excuse that the Biden Harris administration had a great pro-Israel record.

Most notably, Harris premiered a new YouTube series with the Vice President in early October, talking about space exploration with a group of young people. They had to audition for that role and turned out to be a cast child actor, just like Harris himself. The show was produced by a company called Thinking Ship Entertainment.

These messaging issues are not new. The country saw how few unequipped Harris were in the 2020 campaign trajectory and presidential debate. They represent more evidence that choosing someone based on gender first and foremost is a disaster under construction. However, the elephant in the room is not as good as Harris’s performance as the second commander. Instead, she may be tasked with becoming president someday if the need arises.

It doesn’t take long to worry about President Biden’s loss of mental and physical strength. It’s obvious every day. Biden is the oldest president the country has ever had. In that case, it is imperative that his Vice President be a competent, experienced and empathetic politician who leads the country on all issues, both domestically and internationally. However, it is Kamala Harris who is waiting on the wings. Kamala Harris can’t brag about any of these things, but instead owes the fact that she’s just a biology away from the most powerful seats in the world. Worse, this is actually applauded by Democratic members.

Kamala Harris’ 2020 presidential election began with a lot of work to do, but soon fell and foresaw her time as Vice President. The two roles reflect each other in a mysterious way. Gender and race were first emphasized as both presidential candidates and vice presidents. The physical properties were intended to facilitate what followed. But they didn’t, and they didn’t. A December 2019 article on CNN explains how the Harris campaign “plunged” as a result of “months of disjointed messages, controversies between top aides, and serious financial problems.” bottom.

As Harris knows, playing the role of presidential candidate is a great preparation for the future. However, the confusion both in front of and behind the camera should have been enough to avoid Harris as a running companion. The turmoil followed Harris into the White House. The report from July mentions “dysfunction and internal conflict” in her office. White House spokesman Jen Psaki did not comment on the report. “The Vice President is a very important partner to the President of the United States. She has rewarding and hard work, and there is a great team of supportive people around her.” It is not something to call a denial.

Democrats seem reassured by the fact that Harris has become Vice President. But not long ago, a prominent lack of support and interest led to the end of her presidential campaign. Her weaknesses as a politician have not improved in higher positions. Rumors of chaos are more than just rumors, we see the results replayed in real time on the world stage. If Kamala Harris was another person in the Sea of ​​Hope in 2024, these issues may now be overlooked. However, the Vice President has barely stepped on her current role, and as a result, does not belong anywhere near the Oval Office.

But is at least the glass ceiling cracked?

Kimberly Ross (@SouthernKeeks) Is a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog and a columnist at Arc Digital.

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