Kamala Harris has been displayed as Vice President in almost 100 days. But is she influential?

President Joe Biden is listening to Vice President Kamala Harris speaking at the White House on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

President Biden is listening to Vice President Kamala Harris speaking on Tuesday after the death verdict of George Floyd. (Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

He shared the platform with Vice President Kamala Harris when President Biden delivered a rare speech that aired nationwide last week. Who helped him claim The killing of George Floyd by the former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin created the urgency to change police law.

That moment after the Chowbin trial seemed unlikely 20 months ago, in the midst of a major Democratic presidential debate. The 1970s to separate the school and personally hurt her when he boasted of working with a separatist senator long ago.

But as she and Biden celebrated their 100th day in power on Thursday, Harris established himself as a prominent partner. And as the first colored woman in this role, she has established herself as a symbolically important woman in the face of systematic racism. He also highlighted her as part of the administration’s attack on the COVID-19 crisis. She then traveled, met with key supporters to sell the president’s agenda, broke a tie vote in the Senate, and stood by Biden in public and private moments.

Her choreographed role began to dispel concerns that Harris’ desire for the best work could undermine Biden or break away from the administration’s disciplined public relations strategy.

However, it also seems to prevent Harris from stepping out or establishing an identity and policy record that he can call himself.

“Her primary goal for this White House was to be a good partner,” said CNN’s political commentator, co-chairman of Harris’ presidential campaign and a close alliance. One Bakari Sellers said.

He says Biden, 78, could run for president if he fails to run for the second term, or his relationship with him is totally tense due to his previous rivalry. I will reject all the stories. Suppose there is 2024, or maybe there are some animas back there [2020] debate. “

Sellers said Harris learned to block noise from Biden, partially canceled by the feeling that the presidential election was overreacting to events and polls rather than sticking to long-term themes. Stated.

“It’s really good to scrape off the Vice President,” he said.

Her adviser pointed out many items on Biden’s legislative agenda that Harris pushed behind the scenes, and credited the successful government with more than 200 million COVID-19 vaccinations and more than 100 million financial relief checks. It states that it admits. However, White House and Harris staff say they worked by the Commission, and it is difficult to point out specific provisions or measures that have her peculiar traces.

“The president sets the tone and agenda and complements us to ensure that she brings her unique living experience,” said Rohini Kosogur, former Senate Chief of Staff, National Policy Adviser. Told.

Harris has one sole task, working with three countries, Mexico and Central America, to discourage immigrants to the United States. She for border issues. Harris has no plans to visit the area until at least June. Progress is not only important to Harris’ political future, but also to the security and livelihood of millions of people in the region.

Among some allies and opponents, the feeling that Harris was pulling a string for Biden to become the shadow president was never realistic.Biden soon showed that he was more ambitious and powerful Provisional president Some people were expecting it.

“She is literally and figuratively in the room,” said Brian Brokau, Harris’ political adviser since 2009-19. “Does she fly the ship? Probably not. But tell me the vice president other than Dick Cheney who was driving the ship. She is the second team player who was offered a shot on the ticket. I think I promised to be. “

Advisors say Biden consulted Harris on two of his biggest early decisions-the COVID-19 rescue package was significantly expanded to $ 1.9 trillion and the military from Afghanistan by September 11th. Withdraw. , Was hotly discussed internally. Only the president knows how important Harris’s opinion is in the end.

“When I hear his opinion, he often hears my opinion, and through the process I think we get to a good place. Eventually he is the president and he is the final I will make a decision, “she says. I told CNN last week.

Advisers say they fought hardest in the debate over bailout packages to include money for frontline workers — pushing tax credits for low-income workers who have no children at home — and $ 110 Billion Child Tax Credit Plan It is predicted to reduce child poverty in half. When Harris served in the Senate, he addressed that issue, a priority for poverty advocates.

Harris will also rely on his Senate experience and political career in California to include more money in Biden’s approximately $ 2.25 billion infrastructure and employment plan to increase the availability of broadband services. Promoted that. Replacement of lead water pipes..

Harris’s chief economic adviser, Michael Pile, said the infrastructure bill calls for 100% broadband coverage and lead pipe replacement, while both water and internet access are presidential and party priorities. Said that. And the commitment that the Vice President felt very strongly needed to be that level of ambition, that level of universality. “

Publicly, she played a leading role in encouraging blacks to be vaccinated with COVID-19, and the economic and spiritual consequences of systematic racism and sexism in the health system and pandemics on women. I have been working on sacrifice.

Harris is learning at work, unlike Biden, who spent decades in the Senate and had extensive diplomatic experience when he became Vice President of Barack Obama. She is also competing for influence with her longtime Biden colleagues and advisors. Many of them have a long track record in diplomatic and domestic policy.

For example, John F. Kelly (former Senator, Secretary of State, 2004 Democratic Presidential Candidate) has taken on some of the potential responsibilities of the Vice President and is an international climate ambassador. Gene Sperling, chief economic adviser to the Clinton and Obama administrations, is working to oversee the $ 1.9 trillion pandemic rescue program, a job similar to when Biden was Vice President during the previous economic crisis. It was chosen.

A close Biden ally who worked with him in the Obama administration is well aware that Biden sometimes feels like an outsider to the Vice President, and Harris and her small group of advisors are in his inner circle. He said he was consciously trying to help him step in.

The president emphasized meeting Harris almost every day in groups and often one-on-one for lunch — “to trust her and really send a message that she is important,” Joel Goldstein said. Said. He is a law professor at St. Louis University and is studying vice president.

Goldstein gives Harris an authority to represent Biden, give him a position at home and abroad to expand her responsibilities, and help Biden expand his reach, which pays both of them. I predicted that I would pay.

“The most important thing is not deep knowledge,” said Brian Katuris, who held a national security position under President Clinton. “It is the president’s relationship, trust and confidence, and can be considered speaking for the president.”

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..