Kamala Harris is on the road to becoming the next Dan Quayle


Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by Thomas Levinson

Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by Thomas Levinson

This Thanksgiving, the knife is out for Kamala Harris.. This week she became the first woman to act as president. Joe Biden I was under anesthesia.Nonetheless, rumors are swirling that Biden will not seek reelection (he and his team insist on him. Will), And Harris Her fair share of Guf and Miss Steppe— —Lacking political instinct To lead Democrats to the promised land.

Biden’s choice of Harris as his running mate in 2020 was politically significant. She helped unite the party and balance the tickets.Indeed, they Won.. But in late 2021, Biden’s needs changed. The Virginia Governor’s election, coupled with subsequent votes, suggests that many suburban residents are against the Democratic Party, which they find too progressive.At the same time, Biden faces serious challenges, including: Rising inflation, NS Border crisis, Supply chain trouble, Violent crime rate, more.

His attempt to get help from Harris didn’t work, starting with immigrants. In general, Harris’ performance only contributes to the feeling that this is a government that is not ready for prime time. If Harris is a bridge to the future, that bridge does not retain its weight.

Kamala’s Marxist tweet was a terribly strange closing message

But is the criticism fair?In a recent discussion Bloggingheads.TV, My friend Bill Scher, liberal columnist Washington Monthly When Real clear politics, It reminded me that becoming a vice president is a daunting task. As John Nance Garner famously equipped, this work is not worth “warm spit”. By definition, it’s almost impossible to look like a strong leader, because you don’t want to cast a shadow over the president and you can’t really be different from the president. You go to the funeral. You get a thankful project handed over.For this reason, beeps are often promoted to president (think LBJ or Gerald Ford), but generally not. Election To take over the boss immediately.

The latest exception was basically George HW Bush, who won the third season of Ronald Reagan. But is he a useful model? Sitting with an approval rate of less than 40% (and Harris that), Biden does not appear to be in the same league as Gipper. But if Reagan’s approach somehow improves after overcoming the recession and having a rough midterm election in 1982, Harris may be in a good position to recreate Bush’s feat in 2028. Hmm.

But even with a recurring history of very unlikely events, Bush still had to fight for a Republican nomination in a fairly crowded 1988 primary, and the media labeled him. It is worth noting that we had to overcome the “weak” factor. All in order to go against history, we had to aggressively carry out negative campaigns against non-charismatic democratic enemies.

But that’s not Harris’s only challenge. Scher points out that there are basically two models of beep. The first is an old DC hand that provides “insider” credit and experience for tickets. The second is the opposite, where the president is an insider and the running companions balance tickets by other qualities such as age, identity, and charisma.

In recent history, the former model is many More general. Walter Mondale, Al Gore, George HW Bush, Dick Cheney, Biden himself, and Mike Pence all had more DC experience than their principals.

This model also seems to be a better model in terms of enhancing the image of the vice president. In this scenario, Veep has generally made many friends and contacts in the media and bureaucracy. When the president slips, other elites can imagine how competent and sane would happen if they were running the show (fill in the blanks).

The latest example of the Harris model was Dan Quayle. Now, in 2021, we can see Quale as the man who saved democracy by telling Mike Pence that he had no power to refuse to recognize Joe Biden’s elector. But for most of my life, Quale was (unjustly, in my opinion) a political punch line.

Quale was a rising star in the US Senate before becoming Bush’s running mate. Even when Quale asked for a Republican nomination himself in 2000, his old boss’s former deadbeat son, “Dubia,” stormed and was the only one he really had to play. I stole my card. The 41 heirs are clear.

Another (similar) recent example is John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin, as modern history has a small sample size for this Vice President model. McCain, like Biden, had a lot of insider experience. He needed youth, energy, and a conservative belief to keep the base happy. So he chose Palin.

Of course, all these points are the model of the Vice President, where Kamala Harris was (a) engaged in an essentially grateful job and (b) historically did not work well for those in that position. It means that it represents.

The decks are stacked against her. Even more complicated is the fact that the boss is old and probably trying to get out of the door. This means that while the learning curve is steep, there are high expectations for her to mature.

This may help you sympathize with her plight, but that doesn’t mean Harris was a good choice-or that she’s suitable for inheriting a leadership cloak. Biden surrounded himself by promising to choose a woman. It eliminated something like half of his options from the beginning. Harris did not have a long and prominent career in the US Senate, and the 2020 presidential election was not lively.

I think Harris’s main problem is almost indescribable. It’s almost impossible to define why she turns off so many people. The great baseball philosopher Yogi Berra once had the words, “If people don’t want to go to the stadium, no one will stop them.” That may be the best way to summarize Harris’s underlying problem. Even as they try to package Kamala products, people, including Democratic voters in the 2020 primary, haven’t bought what she sells.

Yes there is certainly A few Racists and sexists who oppose her for these reasons. But in general, to the extent that her identity hurt her, it is because people have high hopes that she will become a leader in change. There is a lot of pressure on Harris to be this amazing historical figure, and it has a lot to survive.

In today’s media environment, it helps the president become a true political athlete. Harris may not have the opportunity to shine, even though he has been given a lot of opportunities.

This reminds me of the NFL, where having an “elite” franchise quarterback seems to be the key to victory, but nevertheless, at best, the track record of identifying which college QB will go up on that occasion. It seems to be mixed. Harris is like one of these players. She occasionally shined, on the sidelines with a clipboard, and with a lot of practice and personnel, there was hope that she could mature in the future. But for now, she’s starting to look like a bust. And some of the fans are already looking for better draft topics.

Maybe they will prove wrong. As I just explained, there are many things that get in her way. These obstacles may obscure our vision. But I don’t bet on it. If Kamala Harris is the last and highest hope for Democrats, the last obstacle standing between us and another President Trump, and she may be, God helps us. Please.

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