Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill loses in Pro Bowl’s “fastest man” race on Thursday

Perhaps for the first time, the cheetah was upset at the Thursday night race.

But there was a good explanation as to why he lost.

Chiefs Wide Receiver Thai Leak Hill Participated in the fastest man contest in the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown in Las Vegas.

Browns ran back to Nick Chubb to confront Hill. Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons Dallas cornerback, Trevon Diggs.

On a cool night with temperatures in the mid-40s and a chill of 37 degrees Celsius, the hill didn’t seem to be set when the race started and I stumbled at the start.

With a 40-yard dash against other NFL stars, that’s too much to overcome, and Parsons first crossed the finish line..

Parsons then admitted that Hill was still the fastest man in the NFL, winning the fact that Hill played in the AFC Championship Game just a few days ago.

Hill also participated in the Best Catch Competition, paying homage to former Giants receiver David Tyree’s helmet catch at the Super Bowl XLII.

In Part 2 of the contest, Hill entered the phone booth and came out wearing a cheetah coat. He made a big catch and tried to dunk it through his son’s arm. This was creative and fun: