Kansas City loves the Mahomes and Chiefs.our kids didn’t have to watch them drink beer

lose the drink

I’m not against drinking, nor am I naive enough to think that footballers don’t drink.but it is completely You don’t have to let Chiefs players drink during the Super Bowl parade. It should not have been allowed by coach Andy Reid and the team’s owners for some very good reasons.

The main reason is that a drinking chief is not a good role model for younger fans who are there to see their hero. I don’t want to see the players. Third, terrible things happen when drinking is involved.

If the Chiefs can’t go a few hours without alcohol, they have a problem with the organization. Seeing this for the second time made me sick.

Several chiefs took to social media to brag about their ensuing drunkenness. There is no doubt that this scene made the news in other cities as well.

I hope the Chiefs take pride in their reputation and abstain from drinking next time.The parade is a city-wide party. You’re not representing this rabid fan when you make the parade look like a college fraternity beer bust.

– Janet Elaine Hensel freedom


Big kudos to the Kansas City Chiefs for a great second half last Sunday. But watching your parade on Wednesday, I was surprised and disappointed to see Patrick Mahomes and the others drinking again.

I felt that way three years ago. I thought there was enough negative feedback from parents of the child and his teens to express concern to the Chiefs’ administration that something like this wouldn’t happen again.

When there is a victory parade next time, please drink alcohol secretly. The striking youngster deserves a better role model than the one you showed her twice.

– skip Stogsdill, Overland Park

don’t chop

Wednesday’s Chiefs’ celebration was fun and fun, but Mitch had to make it rain on the parade.

I was very embarrassed by my city and the Chiefs’ organization when announcer Mitch Horsus took the stage with the players and insisted that they all participate in the “Arrowhead Chop” to cap off the celebration. rice field.

I’m not saying don’t join the chops from time to time. But I know all too well how inappropriate and disrespectful it is.

The Chiefs should do everything in their power to protect their great brand by removing the chops. .

The eyes and ears of millions of people will be focused on our city in the coming weeks because of the NFL Draft. Who better to showcase it than a creative Super Bowl winner? Can I get Awhhhhh? Can I get NaNaNaNa?

– Michele McCue Kansas City

that’s some pop

As we saw in the news, the US Air Force recently shot down a Chinese spy balloon. This was accomplished by one of his F-22 fighter jets using Sidewinder missiles. The plane also has a Gatling gun type weapon that costs $20-30 per round and he fires 20mm shells. I believe the Sidewinder was also used to drop some other balloons.

Recalling an old Chinese proverb, this certainly seems like overkill.

– Thomas Moran Raymore

deeper focus

I would like to express my support for HR 61, the anti-white supremacy law of 2023, currently in Congress. This bill expands the legal definition of hate speech to include white supremacy, a growing problem in our country, as the recent power plant attack and Buffalo shooting show. .

We need to act now before more people are hurt or killed. I recognize that this bill alone will not stop white supremacy. But I hope it will be the start of a greater federal focus on white supremacy and domestic terrorism.

– Christopher Peters Kansas City

I did not know

Teaching history in schools about how the various races of America have interacted since 1619 has taught many politicians who seem unwilling to know truths they never learned when they went to school. are challenged or outright prohibited by

As a student, I didn’t know that Harriet Tubman was an American social activist who used the Underground Railroad to rescue many slaves. I had never heard of Emmett Till, never knew why he was kidnapped, tortured and lynched in Mississippi. In the Greenwood neighborhood he had not heard of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre, where more than 1,400 homes and businesses were destroyed and over 300 African Americans were killed. I was never told about the ignorant internment of over 120,000 Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor.

Were these same politicians who didn’t want to know the full extent of our history against musicals and theater?”Deep Greenwood — The Hidden Truth of Black Wall StreetWhat was playing in the music hall on Friday? I hope that doesn’t happen, and I hope that in the near future the school will have another chance to bring its students to this important work.

– Larry Miller Overland Park