Kansas City Royals mourns the death of scout / executive Jim Fregosi Jr.

He is a member of the Kansas City Royals front office and has been a scout staff member for over 10 years. This includes consecutive appearances in the 2014 and 2015 World Series, the latest World Series Championship in 2015, and a special assistant to Jim Fregos General Manager. Junior died on Thursday. He was 57 years old.

“Our entire organization is deeply saddened to hear Jim Fregosi Jr.’s death,” said Dayton Moore, president of the baseball business Royals, in a statement. “Jimmy was a great baseball player who had a passion and love for the game. His desire for competition, his strong beliefs, and his keen eye for the players set him apart as an evaluator. Even he is our friend and we shared all the ups and downs and great things that this game offers. We will continue to cherish great memories together.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Mary, Jimmy, Caitlin, and Joey.”

Fregoshi had a heart attack. USA Today Bob Nightengale first reported Sad news via Twitter.

Fregosi, a longtime scout, has been a credible voice for Moore, especially when it comes to assessing potential acquisitions.

Former MLB player and manager Jim Fregosi Senior’s son, Fregosi Jr., grew up around the game and has been involved in professional baseball for over 30 years.

Jim Sr. died in 2014 After a 53-year career in professional baseball.

Fregoshi Jr. joined the Royals in October 2011 after working for Philadelphia Phillies as an Area Scout, Crosschecker and Major League Scout for 17 years. He also worked for the Colorado Rockies (1999-2000) for two years, temporarily suspending his tenure at the Phillies. He returned to the Phillies in 2001.

“Phillies is sad to know Jim Fregosi Jr.’s death. For 17 years, Jim has brought a passionate and entertaining attitude to Phillies’ scouting department and his incredible baseball insights into the club. It had an equal impact. ” statement.. “Jim is a great friend and mentor for many and will be truly missed. Phillies’ thoughts and prayers are directed at the entire Fregosi family during this difficult time.”

Originally from Inglewood, California, Fregosi was a national shortstop at the University of New Mexico and was the second round draft topic of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1985. He spent six seasons as a minor player. I became a scout.

He was survived by his wife Mary and her three children, Jimmy, Caitlin and Joey.