Kanye West has renounced his anti-Semitism and said he realized he was wrong after seeing Jonah Hill on ’21 Jump Street’.


Kanye West

Yeah, formerly known as Kanye West.Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

  • Ye wrote on Instagram that he “felt like a Jew again” after watching the movie 21 Jump Street.

  • He thanked Jewish actor Jonah Hill for inspiring his change of heart.

  • Ye sparked controversy and widespread condemnation after making a series of anti-Semitic comments.

Rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, wrote in an Instagram post, “Seeing Jonah Hill on 21 Jump Street made me feel like a Jew again.”

He sparked controversy and temporarily removed from social media and Losing multiple business deals.

The rapper took to Instagram to share an image of the 2012 movie poster, and had a change of heart when he saw it.

“Anger against one or two individuals should not turn into hatred against millions of innocent people,” he added. “A Christian who knows Jesus is Jewish cannot label him as anti-Semitic.”

He concluded his message by saying: “Thank you, Jonah Hill, I love you.”

Ye’s anti-Semitic comments included the following declaration: he liked hitlera tweet he said “Going Descon 3” Regarding other comments made by Jews and Jewish groups evoked anti-Semitic metaphors.

Ye’s comments were widely condemned by Jewish groups and public figures, including him. ex-wife Kim Kardashian She didn’t name him, but she tweeted that she supports the Jewish community.

The Anti-Defamation League said it counted 59 cases this month. Anti-Semites quoted you.

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