Kanye West says he wore a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt because of his ‘connection with God’ and ‘radiance’


Kanye West walking down the sidewalk with a backpack over his shoulder

Kanye West.Gotham/GC Images

  • In an interview, Kanye West talked about the “White Lives Matter” shirt he wore earlier this week.

  • The rapper said he has an “instinct” to wear shirts he finds “funny.”

  • “The answer to why I wear ‘White Lives Matter’ on my shirt is because they do,” said West.

Kanye West is “White Lives Matter” shirt He wore it in an interview lasting about an hour earlier this week Tucker Carlson On Thursday, he told the Fox host he found the garment “interesting.”

The rapper, now known as Ye, told Carlson that he sparked controversy online and within his own circles by wearing the shirt at the Yeezy fashion show at Paris Fashion Week on Monday.

“Someone called me last night and said that anyone wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt would get the green light,” West said. “It means beating.”

But West said he doesn’t care what other people think about his fashion choices or political views, and said Carlson has an “instinct” to wear shirts.

“I do certain things out of my emotions. I just channel energy. It just feels right,” he said. increase.”

In an incoherent monologue, West compared his decision to wear the “White Lives Matter” shirt to ice skater Tonya Harding, who landed a triple Axel in 1991.

West also told Carlson that his father, a former Black Panther, texted him about the shirt.He thought it was funny.

“A black man who just says the obvious,” West told his father.

“The answer to why I put ‘White Lives Matter’ on my shirt is because they do,” West said. “It’s obvious.”

of Anti-Defamation League The phrase has racist connotations, used as a slogan by some white supremacist groups.

West, however, suggested that the phrase was controversial because society wanted to “separate” the black community.

During the interview, West also mentioned Vogue editor Gabriela Kalefa Johnson Gigi Hadid has publicly criticized West for wearing the shirt and featuring it at his YZYSZN9 fashion show in Paris.

Karefa-Johnson called West’s choice “dangerous.” Because the message “justifies mass incarceration, mass murder, and indeed even the advent of slavery.”

After the rapper publicly criticized Kalefa Johnson and her outfit in a now-deleted Instagram post, Hadid called him a “bully and a joke.”

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