Kanye West tells Tucker Carlson that ‘fake children’ are trying to manipulate his child


nevertheless Kanye West already managed internet storm From a recent interview with Tucker Carlsonit turns out fox news The editor left some of his bizarre comments on the editing room floor.

The rapper, who last year changed his name to Ye, made two appearances on Carlson’s show last week and quickly went viral for his bizarre and inflammatory remarks. saidThere is no evidence that executives at clothing chain Gap knew about the Uvalde, Texas school shooting in May “before it happened.”

But those comments were subdued compared to other bizarre accusations that weren’t aired. According to Vice, On Tuesday, we released a clip of many cut segments.

For example, West said God gave him the information About “Free Energy – Kinetic, Fully Kinetic Energy Community” its use Technology not currently available to humans.

But West’s most bizarre claim was the suggestion that a “fake child” befriended his own descendants for nefarious purposes.

“Actors, like professional actors, were put into my house to sexualize my children,” West reportedly told Carlson before speaking about his fellow “so-called sons.” ing.

“We didn’t believe this man was her son because he was so much smarter than her, wasn’t he?”

West was diagnosed with bipolar disorder years ago told David Letterman in 2019 For him, the episode is like, “We’re all actors now.”

“It’s all a conspiracy. You feel the government has a chip in your head. You feel you’re being recorded. You feel all this,” he told TV at the time. told the moderator of

It’s hard to tell what West is feeling today, but Carlson’s outtakes aren’t the only video news surrounding him.

BuzzFeed reported on Tuesday The presence of footage that appears to show West forcing Adidas executives to watch porn during a business meeting was used as a metaphor for the treatment he received.

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This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.