Kanye West’s former security guard Steve Stannuris still “can’t get away” from tabloid drama, seven years later.

Steve Stanuris is a man with stubble, slicked back hair, a V-cut black t-shirt, leaning against a blue metal beam, looking upwards at the camera.

Steve Stanuris is the filmmaker who was Kanye West’s bodyguard in 2016.Steve Stanuris

  • Steve Stannuris is the filmmaker who was Kanye West’s security guard in 2016.

  • He wants to put the time behind him working for rappers, and made a documentary to do so.

  • Stanulis said ’15 Days with Kanye’ would be his last words on the job at West.

It might seem counterintuitive to make a tell-all documentary about a story you’ve spent years trying to escape.

But when Google Alerts spotted the 2022 article again, it relinked Steve Stanulis to his former client, Kanye West (now known as Ye).

And he did. “His 15 Days with Kanye” is a documentary produced by Stanulis with Dolce Productions and Jennifer Dilandro. Debuts at the New York City International Film Festival in Januarywon the award for best documentary.

from now Vimeo.

A former police officer, Stanulis was on duty at Ye in 2016 as part of a security detail. But a highly publicized controversy quickly ended that job for him in just 15 days. New York Daily News reported Stanulis was fired for talking to Ye’s then-wife Kim Kardashian as she was getting ready for the Met Gala. Disputed the claims to TMZ. Stanulis at that time told the daily mail He didn’t “hit” Kardashian, but after introducing himself, he was left behind and told he didn’t need it the day after he spoke to her. He also spoke in interviews about West not treating him with “respect.”

That was nearly seven years ago.The bodyguard-turned-film-producer has helped steer him ever since Movies like ‘Monica’ in 2022 An intimate drama that premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.but critically acclaimed indie And with an ever-expanding résumé, Stanulis feels he can’t escape.

photo of stanulis standing Khloe Kardashian’s ex outside a Brooklyn clubTristan Thompson, circulated 2018.Stanuris sent him a ceasefire order). His name continues to appear in the media adjacent to Ye, Unsubstantiated rumors about Ye, Kim Kardashian, and NBA player Chris Paul have been reported, like this 2022 Sports Manor postThis piece had nothing to do with Stanulis, but included an entire section about him anyway.

Throughout “15 Days With Kanye,” Stanulis, his friends, and his family insist they want to be free from the gravitational pull of celebrity controversy.

“No matter what you do, you can’t get out of it. Either way, it becomes a part of you,” Stanuris told an insider. hand”

Kanye West stepped onto a metal staircase outside a SoHo building, wearing a penned jean jacket and a black hoodie. My name is Steve Stanulis. He is a man with a slicked back hair in a black leather jacket with white details.

Stanulis chasing Kanye West in New York in February 2016.Raymond Hall/GC Images

Stanulis says his relationship with Kanye influenced his career

It’s hard to reconcile Stanulis’ narrative of being constantly pulled back into Ye’s orbit when he spontaneously speaks several times about his time working for the rapper. On the 2020 Hollywood Raw Podcast.

Stanulis insists he’s not citing past gigs for clout, and in the documentary, when he wasn’t immediately paid by a third-party employer for the gig, the Met Gala controversy. started talking.

When Stanulis commented in the media about Kardashian’s Paris robbery, he told the insider that he was speaking in his capacity as a former police officer. commented on whether it could have been prevented if had still elaborated on them.

“I’m not Batman,” said Stanulis.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and a very young North West photographed on the streets of New York. In the background, behind Kim holding North, bodyguard Steve Stanuris stands and looks to the side.

West and Kim Kardashian hold their daughter North West on the streets of New York City with Stanulis in the background in February 2016.Mark Piasecki/GC Images

The problem for him is about his reputation, he told Insider.

“Everytime”, “Monica” and his 2020 movie “The Fifth Borrow” The dialogue is “always back to Kanye and me”.

“If you’re trying to find an investor who doesn’t know me, and they Google me, they’ll say, ‘He’s not a filmmaker, he’s a fucking bodyguard.

’15 Days With Kanye’ May Not Completely Recapture The Story, But It Offers Some Closure For Stanulis

Many of the stories Stannuris told in ’15 Days With Kanye’ were told by him before and were able to be ‘recited’ while he was ‘processing my bills,’ he said. The documentary does not have a particularly high stake, according to Stanulis.

(It’s worth noting that in recent months, Ye did more to tarnish his own legacy Mainly than Stanuris could ever anti-Semitic comments, Other controversial remarks about slavery and his troubling posts on social media about his ex-wife and her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.)

In the background of your photo, Steve Stannulis is walking down the street with his Northwest daughter cradled to his chest.North is very young in this photo, her face is away from the camera and Stanulis is standing a few steps behind you and she's seemingly looking in front of him

West and Northwest of New York City in February 2016 with Stanulis in the background.Michael Stewart/GC Images

A documentary with no concrete plans for release by Stanulis after screening at the New York City International Film Festival could be challenged by a supernova celebrity and fully recapture a narrative cemented by seven years of tabloid coverage. It is unknown whether

A Staten Island native and father of three, Stanulis’ life doesn’t seem to revolve around being Kanye’s former bodyguard, but we can understand where he’s coming from. . The production and release of the film is a kind of closing, a final word in Stanulis’ own words. Well, maybe.

“When this is over, if we ever mention Kanye, I’ll give you anything,” Stanulis told me. “Then I lose the bet.”

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