Kari Lake says America will ‘become Venezuela’ if she doesn’t become Arizona governor

Dismissed Governor Candidate Kali Lake In an interview on Friday, she insisted she should become governor. Arizonathe United States changes to Venezuela.

Donald Trump-backed Republicans have raised the specter of America in Venezuela in an interview with far-right student agitator Charlie Kirk.

Lake lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs in November, the election was confirmed, and Hobbs took office.the lake too lost in court He challenged the election results last month and has since appealed.

“There’s a lot of evidence in our favor,” Lake argued unfoundedly in an interview. If we don’t recover, our country will become Venezuela.We have elections the Venezuelan style and this is how we destroy the country.”

Ironically, power is typically held by those who were not freely elected. Venezuela’s authoritarian leadership, Not American democracy.

Check out Lake’s warning here: