Kari Lake’s ‘Fawning’ Tweet Suggests Her Next Career Hopes, Twitter User Says

Kali Laketweet Monday’s Weird 2020 Video Praise donald trump critics revealed her hopes for the future in politics. twitter.

“We need him now more than ever. Now some Twitter observers think she’s aiming to be Trump’s vice presidential candidate in 2024.” There is also

Journalist Aaron Rupar shared her post, writing, “The pivot from failed big lie candidate to spoiled VP gig is on schedule.” did.

“The American Home” by Video Creator Damon Imani Robert De Niro, die-hard Trump critics, is rooting for him. It turns from parody to pure worship.

recent playing cards announced his candidacy However, the poor performance of many of the politicians he supported in the midterm elections is said to have hurt his position in the Republican Party.

Lake refused to concede in Arizona further clouded by allegations Her campaign threatened Maricopa County’s top attorney.

But maybe she’s found new goals with an already star-studded politician.