Karl-Anthony Towns defends Jordyn Woods in a weight loss backlash: “This is all natural.”


“I saw the hard work, saw the results and trusted me. This is all natural,” Towns tweeted.

this week, Jordyn Woods Launched her new fitness app, FrstPlace, and encountered a backlash from fans who accused her of having surgery rather than fitness to achieve her results.Now her boyfriend and longtime friends Karl-Anthony Towns is moving forward to protect her integrity.

“About five years ago, I fell into deep depression and then my dad died. I smiled, but every day had a different struggle, and then I found fitness,” said the 23-year-old. She wrote to her on thursday Instagram story.. “Workouts have become my cure and my savings. In my apps and platforms, weight loss is” healthy “or” looks like me “if I run and use my plans. I have never said. “

“But what I know is that there are many people like me who have a hard time finding their place in the world and who struggle with their anxiety and mental health,” she said. Continued. “The workout saved me, and I wanted to let everyone know that we all start somewhere. You’re beautiful in any weight, shape, and size, but you’re not alone.”

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(Credit: Woods / Instagram)

Earlier this week, Woods shared photos before and after her weight loss journey on Instagram. This showed her transformation from a cute, chubby cheek teen to a healthier, tighter woman.

But in applause, much of the social media called her, claiming that she had misunderstood her followers and performed “multiple” surgeries to reach her fitness goals.

“When Jordyn Woods launches the fitness app and behaves as if no surgery was done, I’m sent. BBL girls are very free.” One denial Tweet..

But the model boyfriend soon came to her defense, “False story” Shared online and she The body is natural..

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The results of Jordyn Woods’ lie detector test on Tristan Thompson are about to be revealed. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeier / Getty Images)

“Are women saying they can’t work hard and change their bodies ??” he wrote. Twitter thursday.. “I saw the hard work, saw the results and trusted me. This is all natural. Since she was 10 years old, this woman was said to be vulgar because of her weight and the internet Instead of running her life on the internet, she went out and did a terrible job to change her life. Fitness saved her life! “

“And to those who have these Twitter fingers that make others feel better about themselves, I’m going to love those who don’t like you. “So, to those people, I pray and hope you get the attention, but more importantly, the love you are so terribly coveted. And the only @ for you. jordynwoods, I love you. Every day you are very proud to call you my girl, my queen, my rocks, all of me. “

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