Kashmir news editor arrested for “glory terrorism”

According to police, a prominent Indian-controlled news editor in Kashmir was arrested Friday on charges of “beautifying terrorism” and “inciting people.”

Fahad Shah, the founding editor of Kashmir Walla, was detained on Friday night from the southern city of Kashmir, Purwama, after being summoned for interrogation.

Shah was detained by police for 10 days, a privately owned news site. Said In a statement, the editor added that he was “bedridden” and had been taking medication for severe coughing and fever since January 31st.

“The team promises to work in solidarity with Shah and his family during this difficult time to provide a credible ground report from Kashmir and calls on Jammu and Kashmir, led by Manoji Shinha, to release Shah and Gull immediately.” Said.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Shah was called in late January for an interrogation on February 1 about coverage of a shootout site between militants and government forces.

On January 30, four suspected rebels were killed in a shootout in Purwama, including 17-year-old Inayat Ahmadmir, who police described as a “hybrid radical.”Kashmir straw interview Inayat’s family claimed he was an innocent teenager and begged authorities to return his body.

Police in a statement made by local media Said Shah was one of the Facebook users who “uploaded anti-national content” with “criminal intent to create horror among the public.”

The uploaded content “is equivalent to praising terrorist activity and not only causing malicious intent, but also denting the image of law enforcement agencies.” [and] Dissatisfaction with the country. “

Police chief Vijay Kumar Quote According to Kashmir Walla, “The accused Fahad Shah was arrested on the basis of one of three. [first information reports] Frequently praised terrorism and opposed him for spreading fake news, [and] Instigated people for the past 3-4 years. “

Another journalist, Sajad Gull, who worked at Kashmir Walla, was detained under public security law last month and is still in prison.

Steven Butler, CPJ’s Asian Program Coordinator, also called for the immediate release of Shah and described the arrest as “totally ignoring the freedom of the press and the fundamental right of journalists to report freely and safely.”

“Authorities must immediately release Shah and all other journalists and stop detaining or harassing journalists simply by doing their jobs,” Butler said. statement..

The CPJ contacted Kashmir Police Secretary Dilbag Singh and Pulwama Police Senior Foreman Ghulam Gelani several times regarding the arrest, but claimed no response.

Aldograph Redley


Aldgra Fredly is a Malaysia-based freelance writer featuring the Epoch Times Asia Pacific News.