Kashmir rebels in police detention killed in a shootout

Srinagar, India (AP) —A suspected commander of rebels detained by police was killed in a gun battle between government forces and another militant in a major city in Kashmir, India. Police said on Tuesday.

Police said in a statement that the suspect’s commander, Nadim Abler, was arrested and cross-examined in the city of Srinagar on Monday. Inspector General Bijay Kumar called his arrest of Kashmir’s rebels, who have been fighting Indian rule since 1989, a “great success.”

According to police, Abler identified a house hiding an automatic rifle during a “sustainable cross-examination.” According to a statement, police raids took Abler home, where they were shot by Pakistani militants hiding inside.

It said Abler and three Indian soldiers were hit by a shootout, causing a shootout that ended early Tuesday.

“Subsequent shootings neutralized foreign terrorists who fired from inside the house and killed Abler,” the statement said. Police said the murdered “Pakistan militants” were among Abler’s companions.

Police said they had recovered two rifles from the site, along with some ammunition.

In the past, many militants were killed while being taken to police to retrieve their weapons. This is what rights groups and residents call extrajudicial killings.

The Himalayan region of Kashmir is divided into India and Pakistan, all of which are claimed.

Most Muslim Kashmirs, under Pakistan’s control or as an independent state, support the rebels’ goal of uniting their territory.

New Delhi claims that Kashmir’s militants are Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. Pakistan has denied the charges, and most Kashmirs consider it a legitimate free struggle.

Tens of thousands of civilians, rebels and government troops were killed in the conflict.

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