Kat Von D is selling a California home for $ 15 million. Look inside an 11-bedroom house with a bright red pool.

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Kat Von D sells his California home and has moved to Indiana forever.Rosdiana Ciaravolo / Getty Images

  • Kat Von D listed her Gothic California mansion for $ 15 million.

  • Pictures of Victorian buildings show glamorous bedrooms, moody bathrooms, and more.

  • The house also has a library, a theater, and a blood-red pool.

Kat Von D announced in October that he would sell his famous Los Angeles mansion and move to Indiana forever.

Kat Von D at the Mercy for Animals event in September 2019.

Kat Von D has lived in California for many years, including when he starred in “LA Ink.”Philip Pharaoh / Stringer / Getty Images

She had previously stated: She wanted to move from california As a result of “terrible policies, tyranny overkill, ridiculous taxation”, and “much more corruption”.

“I felt the need to take root in a small town with nature, where my son could play freely and one day he could retire,” she wrote in a December 2020 Instagram comment.

The house was listed on the $ 15 million price tag in January.

Catphone D's Los Angeles home.

The refurbishment of Kat Von D has made the Victorian home Gothic.Shaw Group

The Victorian house was first built in 1896 by Isaac Newton Van Nice and later. 2003 movie “12 dads”. Von D bought a house $ 6.5 million in 2016 And refurbished it In 6 years..

Jamie Sher from The Sher Group Listing agent For the property.

The three-story house is located on 27,000 square feet of land.

Catphone D's Los Angeles mansion.

The house itself occupies 12,565 square feet of space.Shaw Group

Accommodation includes 11 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms and a huge pool. It covers an area of ​​12,565 square feet and is “safe with a gate”. According to The Shaw Group..

There are several places to relax, such as the Grand Lounge.

A room in Kat Von D's California home.

This room overlooks the surrounding area and the greenery.Shaw Group

Regency-style rooms feature green walls, painted ceilings and gold accents from top to bottom. There is a large mirror above the large fireplace and a seating area throughout the room.

From the window, you can see the surrounding area and the greenery of the accommodation.

Nearby is a formal living room with dark wood siding and an angelic marble fireplace.

A room in a Los Angeles house on Catphone D.

Catphone D’s formal living room.Shaw Group

This room also has benches, chairs and chandeliers.

Not to mention the matching library.

A library in Kat Von D's California home.

Wood carving across the wall adds a unique touch to this room.Shaw Group

The warm space has a bookshelf along the wall, two large mirrors, a fireplace, and a green velvet curtain that adds pop color to the room.

There are also intricate wood carvings along the walls and ceiling.

The dining room is suitable for royalty.

Kat Von D's dining room at home in California.

It’s like a space from another era.Shaw Group

Its walls are lined with foldable linen siding, windows are made of stained glass, and a fireplace warms the room.

Above the table is a textured ceiling and a magnificent chandelier.

According to the Sher Group, it also connects to a “chef-quality kitchen” decorated with dark wood and marble.

A kitchen in Kat Von D's California home.

Like most rooms in this property, the kitchen has a chandelier.Shaw Group

According to the real estate group, the space has been “completely refurbished to match the original style of the house” and has a secret door inside a “hidden bar with hand-carved walls”.

The door leads to the garden and pool of the house.

One of the bathrooms, on the other hand, is actually a work of art.

Bathroom in Kat Von D's California home.

Almost all of this bathroom is painted black or gold.Shaw Group

Decorated with a black and gold color scheme, it sets it apart from most other rooms in the house.

The bathroom has a huge mirror, a black toilet, a dark sink with a golden bird-shaped faucet, and a black tub with golden feet to match.

Of course, there are also simpler bathrooms.

Bathroom in Kat Von D's California home.

The bathroom of Catphone D’s California home.Shaw Group

For example, there is one small bathroom with a copper tub and a tiled shower, which is very different from the other bathrooms in the house.

But when it comes to the bedroom, von D did his best. One is a subtle black and gold design.

Kat Von D's California home bedroom.

Catphone D’s California home bedroom.Shaw Group

The majestic decoration is mainly found in the sleeping area. The sleeping area has a black raised platform for the bed and a golden canopy on it.

The rest of the room has dark wood floors, striped walls and large windows with chaise lounges.

The other seems to be from a completely different era.

Kat Von D's California home bedroom.

This bedroom looks dramatically different from the other bedrooms in the house.Shaw Group

The room features a baby blue bed with an oversized canopy, polka-dotted walls, a setback seating area, and a golden ceiling.

There is also a bedroom that makes you feel like you were taken to another world.

Kat Von D's California home bedroom.

Of course, this bedroom has a chandelier and a fireplace.Shaw Group

The furniture is simple, but as far as von D’s house is concerned, the walls are nothing.

Celebrities used green wallpapers that create the illusion of a lush forest.

There is only one word to describe the largest bedroom in a house: magnificent.

Kat Von D's California home bedroom.

The main colors used throughout Kat Von D’s house are red, black and gold.Shaw Group

Not only is it a vast space, but it also has floor-to-ceiling windows covered with red curtains, golden walls decorated with chandeliers, and a wood-carved fireplace.

Music fans appreciate the property theater.

Kat Von D's California home seating area.

Like the other rooms in the house, this space has a gold ceiling and red walls.Shaw Group

The large room has a raised platform that acts as a stage in front of an open space where others can sit, talk and dance.

Outside, there is the same level of intricate detail.

Exterior view of Catphone D's California home.

The red brick house is surrounded by gates and lush topiaries.Shaw Group

For example, the surrounding gates are decorated with gold leaf.

The most unique place outside is the bright red pool of von D.

Catphone D California Home Garden.

The long pool stands out thanks to the bright red color.Shaw Group

The pool is next to the carriage house and behind a huge hedge that provides privacy.

There is also a shaded seating area and a huge statue outside.

Exterior view of Catphone D's California home.

From the pool area, you can see the size of the property.Shaw Group

It’s a great place to see the brick exterior of the house.

On the other side is a maze hedge along the passage to the front door.

Exterior view of Kat Von D's home in California.

Plants can surround the house and ensure privacy.Shaw Group

Lights are also installed on the ground behind the lawn.

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