Kate McKinnon holds back tears with emotional SNL see-off



Prior to the 47th season finale of Saturday night liveThe show Lose some of its biggest stars, Including Pete Davidson, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney.But SNLMaximum loss must be unmatched Kate McKinnonAs evidenced by the fact that the show was more or less cleared to cook at her last Cold Open.

Kate McKinnon’s Miss Rafferty, who has been kidnapped by aliens countless times over the past eight seasons, appears with Cecily Strong, hosting Natasha Lyonne and sharing her disturbing and unique experience once again. bottom.

The sketch went almost as expected, and Rafferty shared more and more personal details about her time at the UFO, including how the aliens began to pluck their pubic hair fiercely. — Other actors on the screen had a hard time keeping it together.

But in the end, things became emotional as the McKinnon character had the opportunity to go on a final and lasting trip to space.

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“Of course?” She said. “Anyway, I always felt like an alien on this planet.”

Then, as she approached the spaceship with a big applause from the audience, she turned to the camera and said, “Well, Earth, I love you. Thank you for staying for a while.” And as a cast member Finally, he added, “Live from New York, Saturday night!”

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