Katie Couric’s RGB cover-up shows how we ended up playing cards

Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by The Daily Beast

Mainstream media credibility recorded another blockbuster this week.Katie Couric, former co-host of NBC today A show in a new memoir revealing that she chose not to air Some controversial comments Made by her 5 years ago Saint Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Including criticism of RBG against NFL players Colin Kaepernick Kneeling during the national anthem.

Coolick said she was “conflicting” because she was a “big fan of RBG,” and aired only some of the tough words RBG had against football players who refused to support the national anthem. According to her story New York Times Columnist David Brooks, Coolick, Ginsburg —Who was in the Supreme Court at the time— “I was old and probably didn’t fully understand the question.” In her book, Courik confessed, “I felt I wanted to” protect “Gimberg, and I felt that the issue of racial justice was a” blind spot “for her.”

Courik’s revelation occurs shortly after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was enforced We apologize for changing the famous RBG quote.. At a confirmation hearing in 1993, Gimberg said, “The decision to have a child is central to a woman’s life, her well-being and dignity.” According to today’s gender-neutral nomenclature, the group encloses “female” in parentheses.[person’s]And the word “she” in parentheses “[their].. “

These series of events reveal the extent to which progressives have a vested interest in maintaining and protecting the image of RBG, even as the politically correct constituents continue to evolve. ..For some higher purpose, they revisited the actual words of their hero and pondered what she really harmonizes with in their minds. Represents.. In other words,”Print the legend.. But the inconvenient truth is that RBG had a more subtle belief than its fans. Many of them sipping coffee from the RBG coffee mug while reading this, Her thoughts Roe v. Wade..

It’s ironic to see ACLU, a group once devoted to free and diverse speeches, bowing to RBG’s speeches, but Coolick represents a bigger problem. Pressure groups are not kept to the same standards as the news media. We hire professional journalists to make news decisions. They lose our trust if their motive is not for the public good, but for the service of something else (even as noble as protecting the hero’s legacy).

Hey media, can you stop helping Trump prove his “fake news” case?

surely, Last week’s Gallup survey, Only 7% of Americans have “great” confidence in the mainstream media, and 34% do not have “at all”.

One of the few members of the mainstream media who take this issue seriously Atlantic Tim Alberta. “Only this week [Katie] Coolick indicates (again) a hack. [ESPN NFL reporter Adam] The chefter will send an email to the source.Editor,’His unpublished story for approval; and [Sanjay] Gupta exposes CNN’s trivial, unnecessary deception. ” Alberta tweeted, Addition: “People look down on us. They don’t trust us. They may stop whistling past the graveyard.”

This deception disproportionately eroded confidence in the media among conservatives. According to a Gallup survey, 68% of Democrats say they trust the media “quite or a fair amount”, but only 11% of Republicans have the same opinion. “Trust in the media among Republicans over the last five years has been at an unprecedented level,” says Gallup, and who could blame them?

Whether we are talking about the first portrayal of the media Covington student Nick Sandman Credibility for self-righteous privileges Jussie Smollett’s Victim Status A reflexive depiction of the laboratory leak theory of “hate crime” as uncovered “Conspiracy theory, ”Or when it comes to running out of double standards Social Distance at Black Lives Matter RallyLiberal media bias is a phenomenon that has been observable for many years.

Media concealment always seems to benefit the same political side. That same year, Coolick interviewed RBG. For example, her documentary about gun violence. “At first glance edited” an interview with a professional gun activist.

I also recall an even more important example that does not include Courik. Back in 2012, CBS 60 minutes Withheld some of President Barack Obama’s comments About the attack on Benghazi. The controversy may seem like ancient history, but the broadcast of Obama’s comments would have benefited Mitt Romney’s bid.

Crawley smashes Romney in Libya

Sure, a few days after the interview took place, but a few months before it was fully seen (not just by chance). rear Election), Mitt Romney Cut off at the moment of an important debate by CNN moderator Candy CrowleyRomney “confirmed the facts,” suggesting that Obama was a voluntary demonstration rather than a planned terrorist act in the weeks following the attack.

Romney was “mainly” right (mainly) Crawley later admitted) — And that video 60 minutes Withholding, that feeling would have been strengthened. Instead, Crawley’s intervention removed the wind from Romney’s sails and served as a turning point for that debate, which was a turning point for the 2012 elections. The debate over the characteristics of Obama’s Benghazi attack dominated multiple news cycles, but rather than airing footage that would provide additional context to the American people (not to mention promoting ratings and clicks). CBS chose to sit on it.

Romney’s defeat convinced many conservatives that Nice Guy couldn’t win, and they Fighter taking the media with the left— This is not a small part of the story of how the party ended up playing cards.

In summary, these incidents undermined confidence in the media as an institution, persuaded millions of Americans to eliminate mainstream media elites and outlets (and tune in to alternative outlets), and politics. It empowered bad political actors who wanted to exploit this lack of trust for the benefit of their interests.

Bias is not only what you cover, it is also what you decide not to cover. By adopting the crime of omission, the media protects its progressive hero and in the process chooses political winners and losers. Instead of telling the facts, they print the legend. Is it surprising that we no longer believe in them?

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