Katie Meyer’s parents suspect that a “terrifying” death from Stanford University soccer star suicide occurred in fear of disciplinary action.

Stanford University’s 22-year-old soccer star Katie Meyer’s parents found her dead in a dorm room on Tuesday, saying her daughter’s sudden death occurred in potential disciplinary action from school. Told.

“She died of suicide,” Gina Meyer confirmed in an interview aired on Friday at NBC’s “Today” show, showing that her daughter had something wrong a few months after graduation. He added that there was no “signal”.

She compared the days since her daughter died with a never-ending “nightmare.” “That’s just scary,” said Gina Meyer.

Victims’ parents learn that after the death of their daughter, Katie received an email from a Stanford University employee warning of possible disciplinary action against her in connection with the situation in which Katie acted to protect one of her teammates. I added that. Her father, Stephen Meyer, said that sticking for her teammates was in line with “Katey is Katie.”

Gina said she and her husband couldn’t imagine what else could have contributed to the death of their daughter.

“She had received the letter for several months,” she said. “This letter was like the final letter that would be like a trial or something.”

Gina and Stephen Meyer said they had never seen an email that their daughter might be worried about. She said the victim’s mom was a talented student and she was worried about her willingness to become a competitive athlete.

Stanford University said in a statement “today” that the school was unable to comment on disciplinary action, including students, but the entire community was devastated by the deaths of California’s natives.

“As a college community, we are saddened by Katie’s family and cherish her memories,” said the college.