KC readers discuss the chief’s name, toast Trump, and move across parties

When to change

I agree that the Cleveland Major League Baseball Team and the Washington NFL Team will change their names due to their sensitivity to the Native American community. Does Kansas City Chief Need to Rename?

-Walter Bliss, Charlotte, North Carolina

Library adapts

The world has changed so rapidly these days that libraries have had to change the services they offer to coordinate.

When I visited a library in southeastern Kansas, I was amazed at how creative and dedicated libraries helped patrons survive these bizarre times. One of the biggest changes is clearly less face-to-face interaction.

Zoom has replaced face-to-face meetings and activities. This was an educational blessing, but it also created isolation. Changing the way information is received and learned can be anxious and can lead many people to be confused or frustrated by zooming.

The good news is that the more you do, the easier it will be to use. Some people confess that communication through zoom is a concern, but I admit that I feel the same. Everyone faces it to some extent and no one should feel they are alone.

Libraries continue to move forward and find ways to support the community with all forms of outreach and services. Positive changes may be slower than we want, but keep in mind that humans are good at adapting because of our common values ​​and hopes for the future.

-Eric Greene, Iola, Kansas

What is “toast”?

Please, “Toast” Donald J. Trump For his good work on coronavirus? (Letter, May 18, 9A) Recall that this is the same playing card he told Bob Woodward in February 2020 that he knew. Coronavirus is levitating And it was very contagious, all the while telling the American people that everything was “in control.”

You can also thank Trump for expert advice on possible treatments for hydroxychloroquine, “injection” of disinfectants, and “bringing light into the body.”

By deliberately ignoring the scope of the situation for political purposes, Trump has killed tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Americans.

Let’s have a toast with Donald J. Trump. I hope he will never be in power again.

-Victor C. Hanick, Estes Park, Colorado

Beyond the party

I am a second year high school student. One of the books I recently picked up for a civilian class was “Are you liberal? Is it conservative? Or are you confused?Well, yes, I am.

Why do we have to be liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican? Both have values ​​and weaknesses. The biggest weakness is that they both appear to be fighting each other and do not move forward. Nothing can be achieved — just fight.

In everyday life, people are told not to consider race, gender, or religion as boundaries. But the political leaders of our country live by the hard lines of the Democratic and Republican parties.

I think we should break the line between parties and vote for people as people, not as parties. Politicians need to guide us to eliminate the boundaries of racism by eliminating Democrats and Republicans, and unite like the United States, the name of our country.

–Zoe Schimpf, Kansas City

Silent, intimidation

We can’t see You may not be able to see us. We are immunosuppressed patients. And those who choose not to be vaccinated endanger others who are dealing with chronic illnesses and illnesses.

As a caregiver, I am worried that every time my husband (who is vaccinated) is open to the public, his immune system is at risk. I have a rare sick daughter and friends. She is worried every time she opens the retail door to shoppers.

You can’t see us, but we do exist. And we need your help. Get vaccinated.

-Christine Wing, Leewood

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