Kellyanne Conway resurfaces with her most brave Trump lie

Kellyanne Conway Resurfaced in Fox news Attack the president on Monday night Joe BidenManagement of inflation and ongoing supply chain issues.

And the former adviser Donald Trump In the process made one of her wildest claims.

“I worked for the White House for four years,” she said. Sean HanitySee her time with Trump. “I’ve never heard of that. There was no supply chain crisis. There was no inflation.”

Supply chain issues were one of the most dominant stories of 2020 when Conway worked at the White House when Trump was president and the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic caused panic buying. As a result, there was a nationwide shortage of toilet paper and pasta, and supermarket shelves became empty.

“During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States suffered from one of the worst supply chain crises in modern history.” Tin Ron Dai, Professor of Johns Hopkins Carry Business School, Told NewswisePlease note that many of the shortages lasted for several months.

Many were forced when supermarkets had supplies Strict distribution For essentials such as flour and meat. Food shortages, coupled with pandemic unemployment A few miles long line at a food bank..

Moreover, as the supply chain was depleted, the necessities needed to control the spread of the virus were gone. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, soaps, disinfectant wipes, etc. were all difficult or impossible to find.

Twitter users participated by sharing many photos of the 2020 supermarket scene, reminding them of their most recent history.

This article was originally published HuffPost Was updated.